Representatives DeSaulnier and Thompson to Host Impeachment Town Hall

Press Release

Photo by Congressman Mike Thompson

Walnut Creek, CA – Today, Representatives Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11) and Mike Thompson (CA-05) announced that they will host a town hall meeting to discuss the impeachment inquiry into President Trump at Alhambra High School in Martinez on Thursday, January 23rd.

This will be Congressman DeSaulnier’s 102nd town hall and mobile district office hour since coming to Congress. During the town hall, Representatives DeSaulnier and Thompson will be joined by a panel of constitutional scholars to answer questions about the ongoing impeachment process.

Impeachment Town Hall with Congressman Mike Thompson
Thursday, January 23, 2019
6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Alhambra High School
Performing Arts Building
150 E Street
Martinez, CA 94553
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

This event is open to the public, press, and photographers

To confirm your attendance, please RSVP online at or call (925) 933-2660. To request ADA accommodations or for more information, contact one of Congressman DeSaulnier’s offices in either Walnut Creek or Richmond.


  1. What a complete waste of time, he should work on fixing his/my district instead of worrying about this impeachment which is going nowhere.

  2. That’s what these guys do waste time, waste money. Then they want us to pat them on the back. I hope Californians stop voting for them.

  3. Desucky remember facts not heresy. I know that will be hard to Swallow. Expect he’ll show up too. Then you’ll have the three amigos or stooges. Just saying.

  4. This is all just an effort by the Democrat Socialists to subvert the will of the U.S. electorate; the Socialists don’t like the way we voted in 2016 so they’re attempting to invalidate our votes. We have a constitutional right to a freely elected government, this vile quixotic endeavor by the Socialists decimates that right.

    These “articles of impeachment” do not include a single molecule of illegal activity or wrongdoing on Trumps part. Trump is 100% innocent of the wrongdoing levied against him by the Democrat Socialists. He’s been charged with nothing, he’s been convicted of nothing. He and his entire staff have had their 4th Amendment rights egregiously violated. Yet, according to the Socialists, he has no constitutional presumption of innocence and has been tried and convicted.

    • Bravo, Owen! Every word you said is the exact truth. You’ve said it a lot more condensed than what I’ve been saying.

  5. DeSaulnier is just another baby chick following in line with the other leaches of our tax dollars. I wonder how many millions have been wasted on this scam. If anything these democrats need to be jailed for attempting to influence the next vote.

  6. They are bringing in Constitutional “scholars?” You mean those communist professors from UC Berkeley? I’m a CAL grad and I made their lives miserable at every step challenging their “scholarship.” Today, when I have to go back to campus and they are still there indoctrinating gullible students, they cross the street when they see me coming. They did not forget what a pain-in-the-ass I was.

  7. Instead of piddle-farting with this totally useless “impeachment,” should these gentlemen be performing the world they were elected to do? By the way, I did not vote for DeSalty.

  8. What they are trying to pull is a coup d’etat under the guise of an “impeachment.” We are not stupid. We know what they are doing and it will backfire on the Democratic Socialists big time!

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