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Replacement Ballots: Contra Costa Agrees to Emergency Accommodation Request

by ECT

Replacement ballots will be able to be counted on Election Night

MARTINEZ – Contra Costa County’s long standing and proven practice regarding the re-issuing of ballots to vote by mail voters is:

“When a voter, who has previously been issued a ballot, shows up at a polling place and requests another ballot; that voter, in all cases, will be issued a ballot but it must be cast provisionally.”

This practice has reduced the complexity of Election Day operations for our volunteer workers, has reduced the possibility of voter fraud, has increased the efficiency of voting, has reduced costs dramatically while adding no burden to voters requiring a second ballot.

Because of the protection against voting twice this practice provides, the ballots cast in this manner are not included in the election night totals.  The Sanders campaign appears to have a strategy of urging No Party Preference voters to surrender their vote by mail ballots on Election Day to get and vote a Democratic ballot which will be counted and reported on election night.

As the anti-fraud measures we have in place do not lend themselves to this practice, at the behest of the Secretary of State, we have agreed to provide a means to facilitate the Sanders campaign strategy of having ballots from these voters be counted on election night.

We have designed the emergency accommodation requested by the Secretary of State to provide us the means of identifying potential fraud unfortunately such detection will be after the fact.  Any attempts at fraud or gaming the accommodation will be referred for prosecution.

Voters wishing to surrender their unvoted Vote-By-Mail ballot for this election will be able to do so and have their replacement ballot counted on election night.

Contra Costa County is known for the highest professional and management practices and is committed to maintaining those standards while ensuring there are no barriers preventing the exercise of the right to vote.



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Family Values Jun 7, 2016 - 9:10 pm

Good for Federal Glover and Steve Barr. Looking good for a better Contra Costa.

Old Pittsburg/Antioch Hwy Border Jun 8, 2016 - 4:41 am

Glad to read the Secretary of State knows voter fraud is possible and more likely to be encouraged and performed on election days. You see folks, the Secretary of State will not verify the provisional votes unless the results are so close there will need to be a recount. A recount requires a verification of provisional votes. But, if your campaign is successful enough to landslide the win, then your strategy of double voting too boost your numbers will go undetected. I saw a large line at the provisional voting table at my polling place. Is fraud what I witnessed?

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