Photos: Brentwood Police Arrest Two Shoplifters at Streets of Brentwood


Around noon on Thursday, Brentwood Police caught and arrested two shoplifters at the Streets of Brentwood after they reportedly took merchandise from two stores.

Police spotted and observed the two female subjects as they left Victoria Secrets according to radio traffic. Officers watched the women drop the merchandise as they continued to walk away. Once detained, the merchandise was returned to the store and the females were identified during an infield.

No further information has been released:



  1. Take notice Brentwood. More and more of these scumbags are loitering and preying on your shops. The ghetto love to steal nice shiny things.

    Go ahead and put up with it… soon you will be infested with them, just like Antioch. And by then, it is too late.

    Watch your home values plummet and peace of mind be thrown out the window.

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