Brentwood: Two Hospitalized After Dog Attacks


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The Brentwood Police Department responded to the area of Walnut Park Thursday morning for a pair of loose dogs who reportedly bit three people.

The incident took place along Carnegie Lane and later Hudson Dr. and Nunn St. just off Walnut Blvd. and Armstrong Road while it put a nearby preschool on lock down as a precaution.

Brentwood Police were able to catch the Labrador retriever wondering the streets pretty quickly, but a Sharpei ran from police before stopping at a nearby park to rest. As police approached the dog, it took off again and ran home to 4600 block of Nunn Street.

Police had to taser the Sharpei in the backyard after it became aggressive with police and were able to work with animal control to get the pit bull into the animal control vehicle.

According to radio traffic, a total of three people were believed to be bit.

According to Contra Costa County Animal Control, the dogs will be held for 10-days for rabies quarantine and they will now determine if they should be designated as “dangerous animals”

Correction: originally, the Sharpei who bit two people was believed to be a pit bull, per law enforcement, they have now stated the dog is a Sharpei and we have made the change.


  1. Besides feeling just awful for the people who got bit, I’m just so sorry the lab and the pittie have sh*t heads for owners. It will probably cost those dogs their lives.

  2. I’m really surprise that the Lab they are so loving dogs and the pit maybe they scare him they have a bad name but they can be big babies.

  3. If they want to ban parole houses from residential areas, why can’t they ban pitbulls from residential areas? Makes sense to me. No one should be bit.

    • I would like to ban stupid .. and think we should start with you. Everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood and deserves to do so, that is why we have laws in place that are suppose to require that ALL dogs be on leash if they are not on your property. Unfortunately, in this case, that law was not followed, and if the owner can not follow that law what makes you think he/she would follow any other law?
      Aside from the point that ALL breeds of dogs can/will bite humans in certain circumstances. The risk of dog bites is much more closely related to a dogs temperament and neuter status then breed.

    • As it states above, the dog was a sharpei– not a pitbull. And as a responsible pitbull owner, I don’t believe that this loving “breed” should be held responsible for what their owners fail to do for them. The pitbulls have a bad reputation because idiots out there use the dogs’ strength and loyalty in a negative way, not because they are vicious by nature. Just as children are taught, animals need to be too. Banning and punishing home owners and pitbulls who do everything right doesn’t make any sense and is NOT fair at all.

    • If you read the article then go back n re read the correction. It was NOT the pit. Also why so judgemental with PAROLE HOUSES. NOT all people on parole are bad just as all pitts are. I am glad I do not live in your “GLASS HOUSE” NEIGHBORHOOD. I would not want to live by someone who is uneducated. I have had a parole gang banger live across the street n you know what. Get to know them! They watch the street! They know whats going on where as you dont.I never had problems with him or his pitt! Or his people.

  4. Putting my kids and the entire neighborhood in danger, so not ok with me! Dangerous animals need to be put down. To the owners of these animals the damage is done do the right thing now and let them be destroyed for the safety of our neighborhood. I love animals but if they bite they should be put down. Period.

    • All dogs/animals bite. So if your kid ever did something wrong such as beating up an animal for no apperant reason just for fun (NOT SAYING YOUR WOULD) They should be put down? Because that would be cruilty to an animal? Or is that different?

        • Ridiculous response SMH not worth responding too,…you need to take a look at the facts these two dogs were going after other dogs the humans just got in the way, one was aggressive towards the police people walking on the sidewalk next to the fence where these dogs lived said they were aggressively banging on the fence barking and trying to escape. So if you love dogs why would you be ok with having this situation in your neighborhood near your fur babies and your loved ones??

  5. Yes Brentwood. Put up with it and keep the dogs alive. Put up with people telling you it is all about animal cruelty. Put up with living next to parolees. Put up with living with vicious dogs.

    See what happens in a couple of years from now…. lol

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