Pacheco: 20 Storage Units on Fire After Vegetation Fire off Highway 4 and I-680


At 2:42 pm Tuesday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a vegetation fire at in the area of Highway 4 and I-680 in Pacheco.

Shortly after arriving on scene, it was reported the vegetation fire was threatening storage units and a short time later the fire was upgraded to a 2-alarm response with structure protection.

By 3:03 pm it was reported that forward progress had been stopped on the vegetation fire, however, they were battling 20 storage units which had become involved in the fire.

By 3:25 pm, PG&E was requested due to power lines creating a life safety hazard.

Check back for updates.


  1. I would not put anything in any commercial storage unit unless it was fire proof or fire retardant.. Yes, there are “homeless” encampments in that area which has a lot of open space.

  2. I hope someone is investigating the cause of all of these fires because I firmly believe it is arson. A lot of displaced wildlife is starting to wander out on the roads at night looking for water and something without fire retardant on it to eat. Really sad. Thoughtless, disgusting people. I’ve lived in the county since 1965 and we’ve never had this many fires in this short amount of time plus the locations make them highly suspect as well. Anyone caught discarding a lit cigarette should get a $10,000 fine and sent to Paradise for wildfire clean-up. It is just disgusting how PG&E has literally been allowed to get away with murder concerning these wildifres and their lack of attention to their equipment. Makes me sick to my stomach. Why isn’t PG&E being charged with manslaughter at the very least. Makes me wonder about the CPUC too for allowing this go on so long and allowing BART to operate the way it does also.

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