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Open Thread: Kris Hunt Continues to Make Illogical Statements

by ECT

It was brought to my attention that Kris Hunt is continuing to put out odd statements and somewhat illogical ones at that on another local website where she and her taxpayer buddies seem to gravitate towards.  I am all for discussion of opposing views, but the misinformation needs to stop.

For starters, this debate over ending fire response to medical calls is a non-starter. The claim that just 3% of CONFIRE response calls are for fire is somewhat misleading. While 3% appears to be is a small number, but that equates to 1,400 fires per year.  More to the point, fire has evolved over the last 40-50 years to become the “new” first responders and do much more on a scene than they did 50 years ago.

But what is troubling to me is the statements made by Ms. Hunt which advocates utilizing other taxpayer funds to supplement her fire service. What is not okay in one District is apparently okay in hers.

Kris Hunt states, “When there are the occasional huge fires, there are already agreements in place from other districts to come in to help.”

This is not very Republican of her and is apparently leaving her fiscal conservative roots while taking more of a socialist stance on public safety.

Let me break this down:

  1. Apparently Ms. Hunt is in favor of having other taxpayers funds (surrounding Districts) supplement Con Fire’s deficiencies created by HER group. That is unethical.
  2. If shutting down 10 stations is no big deal, CONFIRE wouldn’t need outside agencies to assist during major emergencies.
  3. Kris Hunt and her Association are partly responsible for the gutting of ECCFPD but its okay for us to be gutted while we go supplement her? Again, unethical.

I would urge people to realize the following that because of the decline in property taxes we pay, we are paying less and I’d encourage CONFIRE to take the following points to the voters and articulately explain them to voters:

  • The taxpayer is NOT paying more in taxes.
  • The taxpayer is NOT continually being asked to pay more.
  • The taxpayer is paying less for the same services.  Not more, less.

I am sure there are many other statements like this one floating around out there made by Ms. Hunt and her Taxpayer Association group. Feel free to include them in the comments section.

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Jason Tweedy Aug 19, 2012 - 11:25 am

You really do have it out for Kris Hunt don’t you? The only thing that I’d like to bring up was something you wrote about a few weeks back about Federal Glover asking her to submit a plan at his request and she never did it. All we hear about his her plan but she has never technically provided one.

Ms. Hunt and that malcontant website from Concord is distructive and in la la land.

Ben Smith Aug 19, 2012 - 11:32 am

Her many statements on unfunded liability in ECCFPD. What a joke! Or the fact she claims we have a spending problem out here.

Jill Thompson55 Aug 19, 2012 - 11:33 am

Nice cherry picked line and out of context Burk. I expect better from you. You are such a loud mouth bully! Halfway to Concord is such a better news source than this rag.

Barbara DuMont Aug 19, 2012 - 12:15 pm

If Halfway to Concord is such a better new source then stop visiting this page. We won’t miss you!

Dee Shoveled Aug 19, 2012 - 12:16 pm


Cherry Picked? Out of Context? Halfway to Concord is a news source? LMAO!!!!

What the hell are you smoking lady?

You just won the Darwin award for the day!

BTW- how does one Cherry Pick when that is the ONLY line that Kris Hunt posted? Newsflash Jillian; “Halfway to Nowhere” serves as nothing more than a comedy venue for those of us with our feet planted in reality. If you think Halfway is a “news source” you have bigger problems than defending Khunt. Now run along little missy, Billy has you outfitted for a new pair of Nike shoes and he is serving up a fresh batch of kool aid.

Jill Thompson55 Aug 19, 2012 - 1:46 pm

Like Burk, you resort to insults and I will not waste my time responding to you. Halfway to Concord has some of the brightest minds in the area trying to reduce the size and cost of governemnt that u apparently want to write a blank check towards.

Burkes site is a mouthpiece fo his friends in office, He picks on people such as Councilman Pope, Mike Hudson, Ricky Gill, and Candace Andersen just to name a few, He also uses opinion instead of facts to badmouth Kris Hunt and others.

You sir are rude. Good day!

B-wood Aug 19, 2012 - 2:59 pm


Remind us all what part of this posting (below) appears to be from a credible news source? Is it the lily-livered delivery of “punk ass” and “homie”?

Maybe there would be 5,000 “applicants” for a fire department job, but I wonder how many of them actually get passed the testing, physicals, psychological screenings and such. I wonder if BGR wants to post those numbers. Probably just slipped his mind while he was busy jumping to conclusions.

Keep reminding all that drink the purple kool-aid, that “Halfway to Nowhere” is the leading online source for community-driven political news, events, and opinion for Contra Costa County. “Them people is smart”. Would this (below) be an example of that? LOL!

BGR August 2012
Please. See how valuable your punk ass and attitude of entitlement is in San Mateo, homie. There’d be 5,000 applicants for your job willing to take 30% less with an IRA.
I know… you can go patrol the BLM in Lake County with your friend Bubba and Billy Bob. Maybe they have a dental plan since guys whistle so good ’cause you have 7 teeth between ya.

Don Flunk Aug 19, 2012 - 11:45 am

How about Ms. Hunt claiming that a poll was done and that their was voter support for the $96 assessment and there is no support for a $197 tax. Truth is she was confused as these were two different taxes and did not apply to one another. Even if there was support at $96, it still didn’t have the 2/3 support required.

Or the all time stupid statement that “insurance rates wont be effected”.

Terri Dee Aug 19, 2012 - 2:13 pm


I have to agree with Barbara and Shoveled, as unpleasant as that might be for you.
It is funny that you responded to them with “I won’t waste my time responding to you” then follow up with a link to a known cesspool of a website. Your misspelling of “government” and “of” along with your substitution of “u” instead of typing out “you” is major insight to your intellect. Congratulations, you are dumber than a 5th grader!

Then you go on to bash Burk for his support of elected while you clearly demonstrate your allegiance to some of the biggest republican wing nuts (Mike Hudson, Ricky Gill and Candace Andersen). For the record I am a Republican but would never in my wildest dreams vote or support any of those right wing, off center dingbats.
You should reconsider your tactics of telling us how smart you are while disproving it with such hypocritical ramblings.

You Jill are hysterical. Please come back and entertain us again soon. Have a great day!

Dee Shoveled Aug 19, 2012 - 12:04 pm

Kris Hunt’s most recent statement demonstrates that she is now hoping to utilize what others are paying for, to supplement Con Fire. Did she somehow miss the part where she is directly responsible for the misleading advocacy to gut East County Fire and possibly Con Fire?

Read between the lines people, she wants YOU to pay taxes to your fire departments (East County, San Ramon, Orinda Moraga, Richmond, etc.) to make up for the shortfall which she and her gal-pal Wendy Lack are trying to cause in Con Fire. Lovely.

The Contra Costa Taxpayer’s association is nothing more than a private (pay to join) group of aging, right wing republican extremists, masquerading as tax payer’s advocates. From what I have observed they are nothing more than grumpy, selfish, penny pinching, individuals who are out of touch with reality. They are the same individuals that you would imagine that wouldn’t leave an adequate tip for a polite waitress because they are cheap. They incessantly invent reasons to supplant their selfish miserly nature. There is no end to the numerous senile and reckless statements by individuals from that group.

Let us not forget Kris Hunt is the genius that likes to point out the deficiencies in budgets, staffing and emergency equipment but has no meaningful plan (other than to just say NO).

Kris Hunt and the CCTPA can be summed up as “Penny wise and pound foolish”.

EastCountyReader Aug 19, 2012 - 1:25 pm

Halfway to Conc. a news source….. Really? Is it just for the uninformed or the stupid?

Reading Ms. Hunt’s rational was a glimpse into the absurd.

I submit the following;

Kris Hunt August 17, 2012 at 5:58 am
“The Board has had years to deal with this and what was their solution? 1) continue spending reserves until there was a crisis, 2) commit to the union a year ago to put a parcel tax on the ballot.”

Answer; I believe the board of supes and the union have agreed and enacted several measures including a 10 percent wage cut, deferral of capital costs and an upcoming tiered retirement level. I also read the letter “in writing” but took it as an “acknowledgement” that if funding (tax revenues) continued to decrease a consideration for a parcel tax would be put to the voters for consideration. This looks to be a bridge in revenue until property taxes stop plummeting.

“There are very few actual fires in the district. The vast majority of calls are for emergency medical calls to which a ambulance with a paramedic actually also rolls. It would be good to have the actual numbers as to how many of each kind of those calls are true emergencies.”

Answer; So Ms. Hunt, when you have just a few accidents, do you expect your auto insurance company to refund your insurance premiums or “reduce” your coverage? Probably not. We pay our firefighters to be ready for those actual fires when they occur. The fact that they respond to medicals and other emergencies does not provide the opportunity to try to reduce their numbers or state of readiness. Ms. Hunt needs to come clean with what she already knows. The Fire Department is part of an emergency team which has been authenticated by AMR (the ambulance company) and the County’s health services. Ms. Hunt, your questions have all been answered, strange that you keep asking them or are you pursuing Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity?

“Threatening people in East County did not work. 56% of the people voted against that tax.”

Answer; It doesn’t appear that it was a threat at all. The citizens of East County have not had the time to experience the shortfall. Patience grasshopper. Higher insurance rates are right around the corner and apparently have already started in some areas. “I should have gotten more involved” in the effort to pass Measure S, said Donna Simon, owner of Island Joe’s restaurant on Bethel Island after she was informed that her policy was jumping from $200 to $489 per month. “I don’t know what I’m going to do now.”


“This pension madness has to end. It is what is destroying the district’s finances. If you add up the pension cost (which is rising), the retiree health care cost (which is rising), and the repayment of the pension obligation bonds PLUS INTEREST which is a debt the fire district incurred to try and reduce the unfunded liability for pensions, you would see where the true problem is.”

Answer; Do the employees or employers have some, or any control over rising health care costs? I would suggest that inflation, lower tax rates and run away health care insurance is where the true problem exists. How you have tried to spin these facts is even a bigger problem Ms. Hunt.

“It is sad, but changes are needed. California has a 20.3% rate of unemployment/underemployment. We have neighbors that have lost their homes due to job loss. That is also real.”

Answer; What the heck does that have to do with the issue? California will always have an unemployment rate for varying reasons. You call yourself an analyst? So now you are blaming home foreclosure on Firefighters and County officials? That is ridiculous.

“Please don’t threaten people with this sad situation. Work on resolving the district’s problems on a long term basis not with a tax that simply kicks the can down a very short fiscal road that ends in a cliff.”

Answer; I heard it put best by one of the local officials. The citizens will ultimately receive the service that they are paying for. This is and was not a threat. To use your own words, “That is also real”. Ms. Hunt, the current situation seems to be completely lost on you-even though it has been explained numerous times.
• There has been a 3 year decrease is property taxes.
• The Fire Department relies solely on revenue from property taxes.
• Property taxes have gone DOWN, not UP. This results in citizens (voters) being taxed LESS.
• The fire tax measures which YOU have fought against are temporary (sunset clause) to bridge the gap until the property taxes return to service sustainable levels.

“People are taxed to the max and a tax that does not even solve the fire district’s problems is not a winning proposition.”

Answer; According to the experts this tax does bridge the gap and solve the district’s problems. You have been given that information, but YOU chose to spin it. I watched the fire board meetings-this is fact, this is real. What you are trying to push is nothing more than propaganda and spin for your tax group.
Voting “NO”, closing stations, delaying emergency response, putting residents in danger and subjecting inspecting voters to increased insurance premiums is a losing proposition. You proved that in East County Ms. Hunt. As time goes on and citizens continue to figure it out, I would not want to be you.

Dawn Aug 19, 2012 - 1:32 pm

I’m not sure I would want to be her either, but I would gladly trade my lazy eye for her speech impediments.

Bill B Aug 19, 2012 - 4:44 pm

How can anyone not inlcude Ms. Hunts $100k or $300k pension clubs which Burk was kind enough to expose as basically fradulant on CoCo Tax part.

There was also the slip of the tongue which Burk picked up (none of the papers) a few weeks back is the only change acceptable to her is a service model change as a way to reduce opperational costs.

I could go on, but lots of you who have already posted covered a lot of it and gave me a good laugh.

Bobby Lott Aug 19, 2012 - 5:29 pm

You are all following Burks kool-aid for fire. Come to a meeting, talk to Kris Hunt and CoCo Tax, we are not as bad as Burk is making us out to be. If anything, he has now proven he is union bought, packaged and delivered. How much they paying you Burk, you can tell us.

As for EastCountyReader, you are an angry little midget. Grow up instead of being Burks enforcer after he posts an article. And people wonder why I don’t frequent this site often, its a propaganda machine for union and pensions.

burkforoakley Aug 19, 2012 - 5:42 pm

I’d love to be paid, would be nice for a change, but that is not the case.

Barbara DuMont Aug 19, 2012 - 6:00 pm

LOL LOL LOL not as bad as Burk is making out?????? Yep and closing fire stations was a threat!! And where the hell is the “service model” you people keep referring to??? Put up or for god sakes go away, you have done enough damage for the year.

EastCountyReader Aug 19, 2012 - 10:44 pm

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby,

Your post was entertaining if nothing else! Your kool-aid comments were priceless coming from someone of your caliber.

You are correct when you say; Kris Hunt and CoCo tax are not as bad as Burk is making them out to be-actually they are worse, much worse. Do I need to provide recent quotes from some of the membership? The only think that is confusing is how your fellow tightwads afford all of the tin foil for their large hats. Then you go on suggesting that Burk is “bought” or receiving payment. Class act Bobby. You need to get a grip on reality, your innuendo only makes you that much more ridiculous.

I’m an angry midget? Now that is funny. Did your mommy write that for you? (Seems like you have me confused with the angry person in your bathroom mirror). People wonder why you don’t frequent this site often? Huh? Come again? What “people” are you referring to? What propaganda? Pensions are now part of a “propaganda machine”? I hope you realize just how irrational you sound.

It’s time for you to put down your etch-a-sketch and do some research of your own so that you don’t continue to come across as a paranoid puppet from the Taxpayer’s association.

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