Morgan Territory Road Officially Re-Opens After Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Supervisor Burgis and the Contra Costa County Public Works Department celebrated the completion of the Morgan Territory Road Slide Repair Project with a ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday morning.
Held at the County owned property at the intersection of Morgan Territory Road and Oak Hill Lane, Community members and Repair Crews were recognized for their contributions to the varied relief efforts, invaluable assistance with communications and mostly their patience during the repair.
The road was reopened to traffic on November 18th after being closed to traffic in February 2017 when a landslide occurred during winter storms.
The project included installation of two structural retaining wall systems, excavation and backfill between the walls, reconstruction of pavement, drainage improvements, and pavement striping.
The project also included the relocation of water, electric and telephone utilities to accommodate construction.
This quality repair project represents the efforts and cooperation of many project partners as well as local, state and federal efforts to expedite this repair project.
Information provided by Supervisor Diane Burgis 


  1. This is hilarious, a ribbon cutting ceremony for fixing a roadway that was way past due for needing repairs. Did they pop champagne and drop ballons from above too? Congrats on doing your actual job CCC Public Works, you all deserve fat bonuses. LOL

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