Monthly Reserved Parking Wait-list for Antioch BART Station Opens Jan 16


The BART to Antioch extension is expected to open in May of 2018 with new service to the Pittsburg Center and Antioch Stations.

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 11am, BART will open up the waitlist for passengers that would like to sign up to reserve a monthly permit, which guarantees a parking space until 10am each weekday.

There will be a limited number of these permits available and they will be available on a first-come/first-served basis. The cost for the monthly permit will be $105 per month. You will only be charged for the permit if you are offered one and not until the extension officially opens.

You may sign up to join when the waitlist at any time after January 16, 2018 at 11am. This website is also available through a link on the web-page.

Monthly reserved permits will only be available at the Antioch Station. The Pittsburg Center Station will not offer any reserved parking permits, due to a limited number of parking spaces at the station.

There will be other parking options available as well:

Daily Fee Parking
Both stations will offer daily unreserved parking for a fee of $3. This parking is first-come/first-served in any marked “Fee” lot. Look at signs to the entrance to each section of the lot to determine if it is a “Fee” or “Permit” area. After 10am, any unused Permit spaces are open to all parkers for the Daily Fee.

Permit Parking
The Antioch Station will offer “Permit” parking. Customers with permits will be allowed to park in the designated areas of the parking lot. Permit spaces are available until 10am each weekday morning. After 10am all unused Permit spaces are available to anyone for the Daily Fee. All permits will be available on the website. There also will be a link to that website on

Types of Permits:

  •  Single Day reserved permits will cost $6 a day.
  • Airport/Long-Term Permits will cost $7 a day.
  • Monthly reserved parking permits will cost $105

Information provided by BART Director Joel Keller


  1. Bart is making it difficult for people to justify using Bart, with the ride increases and the high fees to park your car. The only people I know using it now are people riding to SF , where as before, i knew people that would take it to Concord, Walnut creek, etc. Its such a poorly ran business, they are always in the red financially, so they raise the rates to get consumers to fix it, instead of actually sticking to their budget, like most business have to. Maybe stop paying your janitor 200k a year and lower your prices, just a thought.

  2. $3 a day x 5 days a week= $15 a week
    $60 for the month, yet they want to charge $105 a month for “reserved” knowing the overwhelming majority only need it for the 5 day work week. BART is on another level of deceptive. Thank GM for destroying the light rail infrastructure in this country for the highway system so now we get tons of traffic and stuck with BART. Makes total sense.

  3. Glad someone else sees how deceptive BART is. Wonder how passengers will like making the transfer in rainy weather? The eBART stations don’t look well sheltered. The parking lot is in the worst part of Antioch. I commute to SF and will use neither e-BART or the lot because of location, traffic on Railroad, and safety, easier to go to Concord BART or closer in.

  4. Seems like a great deal you get reserved parking for double the price hahahaha. Well i guess if people are dumb enough to pay it then why not

  5. For those of us who do shift work at SFO; the monthly reserved parking means I don’t have to get up at some god awful hour to get to Bart early enough to find a parking spot. Bart has been losing close to 25 million due to people not paying their fares. Station maintenance is not cheap. One must look at Barts overall budget to understand where the issues are. Nothing is for free except parking at Bart on the weekends; they don’t have to make weekend parking free. The entire system is old and in need of many repairs; we, who use it, like our personal cars, are going to be paying for that infrastructure upgrades. Let’s be glad we have a system that allows us a quick way into the city without driving highway 4. We have a lot of dishonest pax who have cheated the system long enough; hopefully that is coming to a screeching halt. I predict fares will go down over the next 5 years once tailgaters are a thing of the past.

    • I agree with it helps get through the morning commute even to the East Bay. Parking is actually free on weekdays after 3pm. I think Bart just needs to admit it’s a business and drop the .gov act so it can see its resources allocated better.

    • The minthly reserved spaces are only reserved until 10am; otherwise others can use your empty space, so hopefully your commute time for your shift work means 10am…no later. Good luck with that.

    • The monthly reserved spaces are only reserved until 10am; otherwise others can use your empty space, so hopefully your commute time for your shift work means 10am…no later. Good luck with that.

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