Female in Stolen Vehicle Leads Oakley Police on Pursuit to Concord, Rams Sheriffs Vehicles


On Friday, January 5, a female wanted on multiples warrants who was also in a stolen vehicle led Oakley Police on a vehicle pursuit that ended in the City of Concord.

The pursuit began just after 11:00 am in the City of Oakley after police located a stolen vehicle. The female took off and traveled at a high-rate of speed the wrong way onto Highway 4.

Police stopped pursuit due to the reckless driving, however, a traffic break on Highway 4 allowed the Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office to locate the vehicle and the pursuit was picked back up in the City of Concord.

According to police, the female entered the wrong way of traffic at least three times while three sheriffs office vehicles were rammed by the female before she was taken into custody.

The female, who was listed as a 28-year-old Antioch resident was charged with probation violations, 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a police office, felony evading, and felony evading the wrong way.

The Sheriffs Office will likely release more information in the future.


  1. Wheres a sniper when you need one? Endangering inoccent people lives like that, start shooting these people will send a message to the rest of the scum.

  2. I saw her being chased on hwy. 4 in a silver Honda. The roads were wet and she almost went head on with officers and other traffic. I’m glad they caught that dumb b*$%h.

  3. She was probably trying to get to San Francisco where you not guilty of any crimes you commit. I mean, it’s a sanctuary city for all criminals right?

    • I saw her get spun out by cops on willow pass on ramp, then when I got on FW behind her and the cops and got off on Concord Blvd she ran across Concord Blvd our foot leaving the cops in the dust. Unfortunately for her she ran into a fenced utility yard. Didn’t get to see her get apprehended. From a distance she was cute

      • She ain’t. U know in school when u had to dry up an apple in the oven and make a doll out of it and the apple was the head? Well thats what her face looks like a shriveled up granny apple.

  4. Ashlee Fletcher. Good look girl. SIKE. ur going straight to where ya belong now. Hahahaha

  5. My boyfriends car was stolen from the Somersville Mall in Antioch on Dec. 23, 2018. This Honda looks so much like his. I hope we receive good news today.

  6. Give her a break. No doubt her library book was due and she didn’t want to be late returning it.

  7. This same stupid bitch just stole a car from someone I know. She finally got caught. Sad. She has a little girl. Maybe now that child will have a chance at a good life with her mother out of the picture.

  8. it is just amazing, the amount of perfect people that are so quick to judge others. i,m guessing that you are all church going people and have never done anything wrong. or maybe this is your way to feel good about how fucked up you really are

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