Local Delta Advocates Support McNerney


Here is a Press Release that came out earlier this week about Congressman Jerry McNerney receiving support from those who are fighting to protect the Delta.  I firmly believe that the fight for the Delta is not a Republican or Democratic issue, but an issue that all of Northern California should come together on to fight for the same thing.

What kills me here is Ricky Gill is accepting money from Southern California Water interests that want the canal built and are the driving force behind it. Is he protecting our local interests or is he ensuring greed wins out? Take the politics out and think about the Delta and our way of life for a minute.

For no other reason, Ricky Gill must be defeated!!!

Stockton, Calif. – Today, several key supporters of preserving the Delta and preventing any kind of tunnel or canal being built to divert the water from the Sacramento River to south-of-Delta communities spoke out ardently in support of Congressman Jerry McNerney’s strong track record on the issue.

“From his first days in office, Congressman Jerry McNerney has been a champion of the Delta and has fought hard for the welfare of Delta residents. He has fought for policies that will reduce the export of water from the Delta. Congressman McNerney has repeatedly stated publicly that he opposes the canal, and his actions on the floor of Congress and in his work with federal government agencies support his public statements. In contrast, Ricky Gill has received $5000 in campaign contributions from the California Westside Farmers Pac, which represents growers in the Westlands Water District. These are growers, like Woolf Enterprises, who would benefit directly from the implementation of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan – at the expense of Delta farmers,” said Barbara Barrigan-Panilla.

“I have been adamant about my opposition to the construction of a peripheral canal from day one. In case anyone has missed that, let me say it again: I stand against a canal, supporting the farmers, families and small businesses that rely on a healthy Delta for their livelihoods,” said Congressman McNerney. “It was wonderful to receive such strong support today from the people I have worked with over the years to protect this vital resource.”

Others chimed in supporting Congressman McNerney’s strong record on the Delta and water issues.

“I met Jerry McNerney in 2006, and after six years as my Congressman, I’m more impressed.  Today, I want to speak specifically on Congressman McNerney’s leadership role in opposing the greatest threat to the health, economy and quality of life of the Delta community – the peripheral tunnels.  From his first days in office, Jerry McNerney has been a steadfast friend of Delta residents.  He was the first representative of Congress to outright oppose the peripheral canal.  He has fought for policies that will reduce export of water from the Delta, championed projects to promote regional self-sufficiency and lessen dependence on Delta exports and repeatedly called into question the myriad flaws in the BDCP.” – Bill Jennings.

“Jerry McNerney has stood against the peripheral canal and the water exporters from day one. I know this because as a local elected official representing Delta communities, we have worked together to protect our Delta. He has been a staunch and vocal advocate for our water rights and is making sure we have a seat at the table. Jerry is a champion of the Delta,” – Mary Piepho, Supervisor, District Three, Contra Costa County.

Don Nottoli, Sacramento County Supervisor, District Five, endorsed Supervisor Piepho’s statement related to Congressman McNerney’s record on water.

Congressman Jerry McNerney (D-Stockton) was first elected to Congress in 2006. He is the Ranking Member of the Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs Subcommittee of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. For more information visit www.JerryMcNerney.com.


  1. I worked for Ricky Gill over the summer. I left because I did not like the working environment, and I had school to return to. I have done some more research on who the candidate is, and feel betrayed that I was lured into working with him. Yes, Ricky Gill must not win that office!

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