Updated: Livermore Police Investigating Officer Involved Shooting Incident


The Livermore Police Department announced Wednesday morning that they are investigating an officer involved shooting in the area of Kitty Hawk Road in the city of Livermore.

Police say the scene is secure and no officers were injured and there are no outstanding suspects.

The incident shutdown all lanes of EB-580 for nearly 30-minutes, but were opened around 4:30 am. The E/B-580 ramp to Airway remains closed as of 5:50 am.

They anticipate releasing more information later in the morning.

UPDATE via Livermore Police

On Wednesday, 01/22/2020, about 3:25 am, two Livermore Police Officers made a traffic enforcement stop on a vehicle in the area of Airway Boulevard and the eastbound Interstate 580 off-ramp. The traffic stop turned into a DUI investigation. The officers chose to direct the citizen out of the vehicle, onto a nearby side access road, so as to safely conduct a DUI investigation away from oncoming vehicular traffic.

Within minutes, the citizen and officers heard screeching tires and immediately observed a second vehicle accelerating directly toward them as they were standing on the remote access road. Based on the vehicle’s path of travel, it appeared the driver made a deliberate and overt turn onto the remote access road, and accelerated quickly from Airway Boulevard. The vehicle continued towards the citizen and the officers. The officers were forced to fire their weapons at the accelerating vehicle.

The approaching vehicle and solo-occupant suspect were struck from the gunfire. Emergency first aid was performed and the suspect was transported to a local hospital. At this point, the status of the suspect is unknown.

The citizen from the original traffic stop and the involved officers were not injured in this incident. The name of the suspect and the names of the involved officers are not being released at this time. This is an ongoing investigation involving investigators from the Livermore Police Department and investigators from the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.


Officer Involved Shooting – Livermore

On Wednesday, January 22, about 3:25 am, two Livermore Police Officers made a traffic enforcement stop on a suspected impaired driver. The vehicle stop took place on southbound Airway Blvd. south of the intersection with Kitty Hawk Rd.

The two officers conducted a DUI investigation to determine the driver’s sobriety. During their investigation, the two officers chose to walk the driver off the roadway and onto the private access road to avoid the dangers of the traffic travelling in the southbound direction.

Several minutes into the investigation, the officer’s attention was drawn to a vehicle travelling southbound on Airway Boulevard. At this point, the suspect vehicle began to turn onto the access road and immediately accelerated directly at the officers and citizen. The officers and citizen were standing on the remote access road. Based on the vehicle’s path of travel and physical evidence on scene, it appears the suspect driver of the black vehicle, who was later identified as Matthew Kelly, made a deliberate and overt turn towards the citizen and the officers. The initial investigation shows that Matthew Kelly was attempting to intentionally run over the citizen and officers.

The citizen and officers were forced to quickly move out of the pathway of the suspect vehicle driven by Matthew Kelly to avoid being run over. Simultaneously, the officers drew and discharged their firearms at Matthew Kelly who was still inside the accelerating vehicle. This was in attempt to thwart the spontaneous attack. The two officers broadcast on their radio that they were in an emergency and needed additional assistance. Due to the quick actions of both the citizen and the officers, all were able to avoid serious physical harm.

The suspect, Matthew Kelly continued to drive his vehicle past the officers and citizen who jumped out of the way. Matthew Kelly drove to the end of the access road and performed a U-turn. At this point, his vehicle stalled. Witnesses reported the suspect continuously tried to restart his vehicle. Eventually he was able to get the vehicle started and drove back by the officers and citizen in what appeared to be an attempt to flee the area. Matthew Kelly’s vehicle ultimately stalled at the entrance of the access road and remained at that location.

Additional officers arrived on scene and took the suspect, Matthew Kelly into custody. Matthew Kelly was transported to a local hospital where he was admitted for care of a single gunshot wound to his right leg. His injuries are not considered life threatening.

Matthew David Kelly is a 38 year old male (DOB: 01/13/1982) with connections to Newark, Fremont and Union City, CA as well as Meridian, ID. The Livermore Police Department has placed Matthew Kelley under arrest for the following charges:

– 1 count Felonious Assault with a Deadly Weapon Against a Person – 245(a)(1) PC
– 2 counts Felonious Assault with a Deadly Weapon Against a Peace Officer – 245(c)(1) PC

This investigation is still in progress as the Livermore Police Department Investigations Unit as well as the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office continue to collect and analyze additional evidence in addition to interviewing witnesses. Per Livermore Police Department policy and as standard procedure, both officers have been placed on administrative leave as a result of the ongoing investigation.


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