William Martinek Formally Launches Campaign for Congress

Press Release


Brentwood, Calif. — Three combat tour U.S. Army veteran and financial adviser William Martinek, 35, formally announces his campaign for California’s 9th Congressional District on Tuesday.

“Our campaign embodies the battle between the Washington DC status quo that has made our day to day lives unnecessarily difficult and expensive — and that of a future of new, bold leadership that believes Americans need to be unleashed to live their best lives, full of opportunity and potential, not dependent on their parents or the empty promises of pandering politicians,” Martinek said.

Martinek is running on a platform of making college education and health care affordable, addressing commute times for the district’s “super commuters”, and ensuring that California’s farmers get the water and resources they need to feed America.

California’s 9th Congressional District includes portions of Contra Costa County (Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley), San Joaquin County (Lathrop, Lodi, Stockton), and Sacramento County (Galt).

Martinek is challenging incumbent Congressman Jerry McNerney.

Meet William Martinek from William Martinek on Vimeo.


  1. He is republican. Saw one of his talks. His primary message was to boost the economy by cutting red tape etc, and that supposedly has an avalanche effect to fix all kind of other problems. I think he grew up in Brentwood. He has a web page I believe.

  2. As opposed to the guy McNerney replaced, there is no reason to replace the current representative. McNerney has been dependable, trustworthy, and…honest. Unlike Mr. Pombo. There is no reason for a change.

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