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Letter Writer Says Greg Enholm is Bad News for the Youth of Contra Costa Community College Board of Trustees

by ECT

Greg Enholm shouldn’t hold public office. In 2016 he promotes new full 118 acre campus to both Oakley and Brentwood residents after District Board approves smaller center at Trilogy. No authority to support advocacy. Causes major delays costing the district thousands of dollars and even though a thorough review was done for the capacity required and approved by the State and the Board putting forward a Bond Ennholm encourages Trilogy residents to sue District in opposition to the Board Decision.

In 2017 the East Bay Times reports Improper reimbursement requests based on policy and past practices as reported by The Contra Costa Community College District board president called out a fellow trustee Wednesday night for improper reimbursements for travel and related expenses, prompting a lively, sometimes tense discussion of district policy — or lack of one — governing which expenses can be submitted, and which ones can’t.

As part of a public board discussion about travel expenses, board president Vicki Gordon said she was troubled by reimbursement requests submitted by board member Greg Enholm for travel — mostly within the college district, but also on some events farther away.

Gordon and district Chancellor Fred Wood refused to sign off on Enholm’s most recent submittal. Over the past year, Enholm has asked for about $10,000 in such reimbursements, Gordon said, often without proper receipts.

Gordon cited several examples of requests for reimbursements sought by Enholm she found objectionable, including not only local events like ones held by Sen. Steve Glazer of Orinda and Assemblywoman Catharine Baker of Dublin, but a conference in Southern California in which she said Enholm opted for more expensive flights and rental cars than she believed necessary, and a $60 membership for Enholm to join the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association.

In 2019 he acknowledged ethics violation complaints against him, as laid out by separate district investigations, asserting transgressions including unduly pressuring district administrators and harassing colleagues.

The college district investigation, by a different firm retained by the college district, of an anonymous November 2019 complaint determined Enholm “strongly and inappropriately” tried to convince former district Chancellor Fred Wood to approve an upgraded classification of a district professor.

The investigation also determined Enholm had put pressure on Wood in October 2019 to consider that same professor as a candidate to become president of Contra Costa College in San Pablo, and be installed as interim president there while the search for a permanent president continued.

The investigation report also said Enholm “ghost wrote a message” for that professor to send to district Human Resources officers asking why he was not interviewed for the president’s position.

To maintain government integrity, reject Greg Enholm re-election bid.

We need fresh eyes, new ideas, and a leader who can bring people together in order to solve problems with practical ideas and future thinking.

Fernando  Sandoval is that candidate. He is running to represent the voices in our District. He has over 40 endorsements from educators and community leaders such as Peter Garcia(ret.) President of Los Medanos College, Diablo Valley College as well as the United Faculty and Classified Professionals Labor1 from the College District.

Fernando Sandoval is listening. Fernando has the education, experience, and commitment to bring needed change. Vote wisely by mail or at the polls by November 3rd.

The voice for our youth. https://www.fernando4collegeboard.com/

Valerie T. Lopez
Pittsburg Resident

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