Update: Pittsburg Police Seek Location of Teen Wanted in Fatal Shooting

Photo provided by Pittsburg Police

The Pittsburg Police Department has identified Yairo Israel Palomino, age 14 and resident of the city of Antioch, as the suspect who shot and killed Isiah Legaspi last Thursday. After the shooting occurred, Palomino was seen fleeing the area on foot.

The Pittsburg Police Department is asking help from the public in locating Yairo Israel Palomino. A Ramey Warrant for his arrest has been issued and he is known to frequent the cities of Antioch, Pittsburg and Oakley. He is considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information to Palomino’s whereabouts is asked to please contact the Pittsburg Police Dispatch Center at 925-646-2441 or the Pittsburg Police Department Tip-Line at 925-252-4040.

Original Release:


The Pittsburg Police Department said Tuesday that a juvenile, who is still outstanding, has been identified in connection with the Sept. 17 fatal shooting on Atlantic Avenue in the City of Pittsburg.

Last Thursday morning, shortly before 3:00 am, Pittsburg officers responded to the report of a shooting on the 300 block of Atlantic Ave.  When the officers arrived, two victims were found suffering from gunshot wounds.

The man and woman, both Pittsburg residents and in their early 20’s were found to have life threatening injuries.

Preliminary information revealed that while walking through the parking lot, a vehicle approached the victims.  A man got out of the vehicle and began to argue with the male victim.  After a brief argument, the suspect shot both victims and fled on foot.

The male victim was later identified as Isiah Legaspi (20 years old out of Pittsburg). The suspect vehicle fled the scene in the opposite direction. Both victims were transported to an area hospital where the man later died and the woman was treated for non-life threatening injuries and later released.

The Investigations Division responded to the scene and along with CSI personnel took over the investigation.  During the investigation detectives were able to locate video surveillance of the incident along with detailed information on the suspect vehicle. Detectives later authored and served a Search Warrant for a residence within the Cornerstone Apartment Complex.  During the service of the Search Warrant several subjects believed to be involved in the incident were contacted.

During the investigation, detectives were able to identify an outstanding male juvenile whom is believed to be involved in the shooting. A Ramey Warrant for this subject has been issued. At this time the juvenile’s identification will not be released .

Police say this continues to be a very active investigation and updates will be provided when they are available.

The Pittsburg Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance and asks anyone with additional information to please contact the Pittsburg Police Department Tip-Line at 925-252-4040.

This is the city’s 3rd Homicide for 2020.


  1. I wonder if the ghetto bird flying over the Cavallo area is looking for this outstanding juvenile citizen. This flying started around 11:30 PM .. and the chopper has his spotlight on while cruises are driving around following the spotlight. Isn’t that something? Another ANTIOCH suspect involved.

    • I know him he’s not capable of hurting a bird bro maybe he was just fleeing because he didn’t want to get shot there is a lot of possibilities that’s we can’t put our finger on and police just want to bring him to justice for what he 14 I’m 12 this type of stuff shouldn’t happen what if maybe he didn’t shoot but was around that area probably heard shots and ran bro you guys need to look at the obvious because this generation is going down with more deaths of teens and younger kids

      • If that’s the case, he should turn himself in and avoid putting himself in a life-threatening situation where the police will corner him. Tell him to go to the PPD facility NOW. If you know where he is, then tell him that.

  2. What happen to the old days where people used to fight like men and not just take somebody’s sacred life. RIP this generation.

  3. If I were a family member or a relative of the man he “allegedly” murdered, he would be history before the cops could get to him.

  4. Apple… did you forget to read and just scroll to the comments ? The article says there’s surveillance of the shooter.. that IS about as obvious as it gets.

  5. Man the Dumba*s ForGot He Left Someone Alive” stupid You don’t watch First 48 And if he turns his self in he will only do 8-10 years max he’s not even 15 yet. The dumba*s that killed Johnathan Parker at Antioch deer valley mite get the same the street have to wait to get him. Just let time tell it self

      • You got it! I would be waiting for him to do his time and then the real fun would start. If his people help him escape to a foreign country, that would make the ultimate “punishment” even better.

  6. Did the cops get this punk yet? What’s taking so long? Where is he holed up? Who’s protecting him?

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