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Letter Writer Offers Support for Susannah Meyer for Brentwood City Council

by ECT

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Christine Morris in support of Susannah Meyer, candidate for Brentwood City Council, District 3. 

It is time for the City of Brentwood to take action to prioritize the health and wellbeing of our vulnerable senior citizens. I am a retired clinical social worker who spent many years working in Brentwood at John Muir Health in the Senior Services department. During that time I witnessed firsthand the long-standing lack of support for our local disadvantaged seniors.

Many are financially needy.  This impacts everything from access to health care, nutrition, transportation and social engagement. These unacceptable disparities have been magnified as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

For example, the Meals on Wheels program traditionally delivered meals to home bound seniors five times a week. Now it is only once a week. Many seniors neglect their health because they have no way to get to the doctor. Bottom line, it is easy to overlook a segment of our community that can seem and often is invisible.

I believe that Brentwood is better than that.

Although there are services out there to help, accessing them is often not so easy.

For example, many times a computer is required. Access to computer and WiFi is a basic service that’s out of reach for many seniors. Not to mention, learning how to use them. The number of seniors who live alone is significant. The same applies to those with mobility issues.

Building a strong network and partnering with existing senior services is a good place for the City to begin to tear down barriers and improve quality of life for our seniors. Establishing a designated local  senior outreach service would be a win-win program. Oh, and don’t forget the army of talented senior volunteers that would line up to serve!

So how do we as a community move towards accomplishing these goals?  One important step is to use your vote to support Susannah Meyer, candidate for Brentwood City Council, District 3. I have known and worked with Susannah for many years. She is a fierce advocate for seniors. More importantly, Susannah has boots on the ground experience. She does not shy away from confronting tough, life altering issues.

I am voting for Susannah. I hope you will, too.

Christine Morris, LCSW
Brentwood resident

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