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Letter: Retired Antioch Police Chief Offers Support for Antwon Webster for City Council

by ECT

The following letter was submitted by Allan Cantando, retired Antioch Police Chief, who is offering his support for Antwon Webster for Antioch City Council in District 3.

Over the past few decades, Antioch has become one of the most wonderfully diverse Cities in Contra Costa County.  As we continue to grow, so must our ideas and solutions to complex issues.  Remaining stagnant will not benefit Antioch. The City Council in particular must focus on actions that benefit all residents in the City rather than continue the cycle of political grandstanding.

This election year, we need new energy, and new thought processes on the City Council.  Rejuvenating the city through fresh ideas, and fresh perspectives will allow us to break the cycle of failure.  Our River Town has huge potential, yet the City Council does nothing to improve the conditions of Rivertown and other areas of Antioch.  We need strong, accountable leadership that will take the steps necessary to improve the conditions of Antioch.

The new energy and fresh perspective Antioch needs, is Antwon Webster.  I have done the research on him and taken the time to communicate with him on several occasions.  He and his family moved to Antioch in order to create lasting memories and to make a home for their kids.  In doing so, he wants Antioch to be a place that is safe and full of opportunities for his family and for all the residents of Antioch.

His top priorities are

  • Safety:  Working with Law Enforcement to create and enhance our Community Policing program.
  • Reducing Crime:  Supporting our Law Enforcement through funding for additional resources and training.  Increasing the number of law enforcement to an adequate level.
  • Future City Development:  Reviving local business and creating youth outreach and development programs.  Improving city Revenue through smart economic growth.
  • Blight:  Cleaning up Antioch and beautify the City so that we all can enjoy and admire the City we live in.  Beautifying and remodeling our Downtown into something more modern day, where families can come and enjoy a walk on the waterfront.

Antwon Webster is a visionary and as a military veteran, he understands how to strategically move Antioch forward.  He is committed public servant and record of proven leadership.  He has shown and proven that he is a man of his word and a committed to the City of Antioch.  I am honored to Endorse Antwon Webster for Antioch City Council, District 3.

Best Regards,

Allan Cantando
Retired Antioch Police Chief

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moonwork Oct 6, 2020 - 1:10 pm

Anton has my vote. Mike Barbanica also has my vote. We need a changing of the guard on the Council.

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