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Susannah Meyer Announces District 3, Brentwood City Council Run

by ECT

Brentwood, CA – On Wednesday, Susannah Meyer, a senior services advocate, District Representative, wife and mother, announced she is running for Brentwood City Council, District 3.

“I have taken great pride in being a Brentwood resident and serving the community in my professional career. Brentwood is a wonderful community, but it also has its challenges. I believe my experience will both bring people together and be solution based, not political,” said Meyer.

As a city councilmember, Susannah’s priorities will include:

  • Building stronger community partnerships with nonprofits and elected leaders to bring additional senior and youth services to the city.
  • Working to ensure our local small businesses have every opportunity to succeed as we work through the financial impacts of COVID-19.
  • Public Safety to best serve our community: What do we want our police department to look like and how do we better work with our fire department to improve service and response times?

Meyer has worked for several nonprofits over the years including most recently, Meals on Wheels Diablo Region. This has given her the perspective of which support services are currently available to the city’s senior population and which need improvement. Meyer also has experience working to help families navigating autism and with senior volunteerism.

“East Contra Costa County has been left out of the conversation around social service support, especially Brentwood. When comparing social service dollars between West County versus East County, that ratio has been documented as 8-to-1 in dollars spent. That is not acceptable,” stated Meyer. “I will work with our council, as well as regional leaders to right that wrong and to bring more funding and services to Brentwood.”

Most recently, Meyer was hired to work as a District Representative in the California State Senate giving her the opportunity to learn both local and state issues -including dealing directly with constituents, building strong East County connections, and understanding needs on a variety of local issues.

Both career and life experiences have influenced Meyer’s views for how she plans to work with the community – aiming to bring people together, increase transparency, and have actual conversations about these challenging issues.

“One of the most important things community members need from their elected officials is open discussion,” said Meyer. “City Council members are elected to serve. That means looking out for the residents, not city hall. Brentwood needs more community input because making decisions without community feedback makes little sense and I believe it’s our responsible to encourage this critical feedback.”

Meyer realizes while the council serves the entire city, there are a variety of significant issues that are specific to District 3, and strong leadership will be needed to address them. Police patrols, the future of the Deer Ridge Golf Course, oil drilling, open space, agriculture, the impacts of the build out in Planning Area 1, and transportation issues around Heritage High School are all in need of focus.

“I look forward to being part of these serious discussions. I’m at advocate at heart, and I want to do what is best for the people in the community I love,” said Meyer.

To learn more about Susannah Meyer, please visit her website at www.susannahmeyer.com

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