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Governor Newsom Signs Legislation into Law Aimed to Improve Police Officer Accountability

by ECT

SACRAMENTO, CA —  Legislation authored by Senator Sydney K. Kamlager (D – Los Angeles), aimed at reducing barriers to police accountability, was signed into law by Governor Newsom. After a year of protests against police violence, the signing of AB 127 is a milestone in California’s work to reform the criminal justice legal system.

Currently, prosecutors need the cooperation of a peace officer when seeking an arrest warrant for a peace or police officer involved in misconduct or an officer shooting. Oftentimes, prosecutors are met with an unwillingness to cooperate, thus significantly hindering the prosecutor’s ability to fight for justice. AB 127: Arrest Warrants: Declaration of Probable Cause will allow a prosecutor’s office to go directly to the judge in securing an arrest warrant when the subject is a peace officer.

“We can’t let a ‘snitches get stitches’ policy strong-arm our criminal legal system. AB 127 fights against this practice and will dramatically help in holding police officers accountable in California,” said Senator Kamlager. “By signing AB 127 into law, we’re showing that procedural barriers or an officer’s unwillingness to speak out do not override the due process a victim of police violence or misconduct is entitled to. Thank you to Governor Newsom, my legislative colleagues, and San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin for recognizing the bureaucratic hurdles that have been used to shield law enforcement and for all your work that led to this momentous occasion.”

AB 127 reduces procedural barriers to police accountability. Signing the bill into law will now allow district attorneys to more fully prosecute peace officers when there is probable cause. The bill is sponsored by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

“I am thrilled that Governor Newsom has signed AB 127 into law to ensure that California is eliminating obstacles to police accountability,” said San Francisco District Attorney Boudin, who sponsored AB 127 and testified in support of the bill. “The murder of George Floyd and so many others around the state of California and the nation has reminded us of the need to promote justice for victims of police violence and police misconduct. AB 127 remedies the problem that exists when law enforcement officers refuse to assist in the prosecution of a fellow officer—which can leave prosecutors unable to pursue charges against police who break the law. I am so proud to have sponsored this bill and thank Senator Kamlager for her authorship and leadership on this important issue.”

AB 127 is the first bill of Senator Kamlager’s legislative package to be signed by the Governor.


Senate District 30 ranges from Century City to South Los Angeles and takes in Culver City, Cheviot Hills, Crenshaw District, USC, downtown L.A. and a portion of Inglewood.

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Sudsy Jun 30, 2021 - 4:12 pm

Talk about overkill. If I were a Police Officer I would stop making arrests because any guilty criminal, caught in the act, can protest his/her arrest. Most arrestees complain that their arrest wasn’t fair and will now be able to drag a great Police Officer through the mud. I am sick and tired of criminals getting away with most everything they do. Like I said before, this is the Wild West gone amok!!!!!

Get out while you can Jun 30, 2021 - 11:55 pm

Sudsy I agree with you….. most of my family is police and now they are looking for ways out… most everything in this shithole state is a citation now.If they get into an officer involved shooting the district attorney is wanting to charge an officer for doing there jobs… it’s not really worth it to be a policeman anymore… maybe in other states, but not in California. California is the Wild wild West at this point. the criminals have more rights than the law abiding citizens. No one is safe in California.

Robert C. Jul 1, 2021 - 10:33 am

Find. Now all we need are some laws holding criminals accountable and ENFORCEMENT of them. We seem to be going in the wrong direction there.

Linda Connoly Jul 1, 2021 - 1:17 pm

How about some accountability from shitbag CRIMINAL? When will Governor Nuisance sign that into law? I don’t blame police officers leaving in droves. Who wants to put up with this shit? Now, you’re being attacked and manage to call 911, but no one shows up. It will be up to YOU to “take care of the problem” and we will see more citizens taking the law into their own hands which they can legally do. You have to protect yourself.

Gene Andolini Jul 6, 2021 - 1:06 am

Right you are, Linda! I have relatives who are cops in the Los Angeles area and they are leaving for TEXAS and UTAH. They’ve had enough of this nonsense. Soon people will call for assistance but NO ONE WILL BE COMING OVER TO HELP YOU! See what leftist jerkoffs have done to this state? Every state and city run idiot leftists has become a total disaster.

Grace Wilson Jul 6, 2021 - 1:08 pm

How about some accountability from Newsom himself?

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