Home Podcast WTF California: Antioch Homeless, Oakland Police Budget Explained, Race Card Played

WTF California: Antioch Homeless, Oakland Police Budget Explained, Race Card Played

by ECT

On this episode of WTF California Podcast, we jump back onto the homeless issue after day two of homeless blasting music at 6:00 am in the City of Antioch. We then get into a proposal by Los Angels City Council to prevent encampments in public areas. Governor Candidate Kevin Faulconer released his plan a day after John Cox. We discuss new laws in effect come July 1 in the State of California. Oakland City Council pushes back on police budget claims saying its not a cut—they are technically right. Vallejo Police face conspiracy claim in shooting death of Willie McCoy. Former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs claims low appraisal was because he was black. Plus more.

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Denise Kemp Jul 2, 2021 - 12:34 am

Just listened to the podcast on homeless. It is IMPERATIVE that most of them are returned to THEIR OWN STATES! We cannot afford to take care of them. We have our own to take care of. Other states should take responsibility for their residents and citizens. We need to give those states a chance to show some responsibility. Why have they taken over Antioch, of all places?

Gerald Jul 6, 2021 - 1:13 pm

Good question, Denise! I’ve toured other cities adjacent to Antioch and they don’t even come close to what is going on here. Encampments everywhere … the river area, railroad tracks, any open space, inside neighborhoods. I stopped the spoke with some of them. They all said they were put on buses for a one-way trip to California from Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, etc.

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