Funeral Services for Jeremy “Lumpy” Sturgill


The following information regarding the funeral of Jeremy “Lumpy” Sturgill was provided this morning by his wife Marci Sturgill. Below you will find the information.


Those of you interested in celebrating the life of my beloved husband, Lumpy, our family has planned a public memorial service that will take place on Wednesday, June 24th at 11am at Calvary Temple Church, 4725 Evora Road in Concord.

**For anyone wishing to share photos and memories of Lumpy, we invite you to please bring them to the service- we will have a special place for his friends and loved ones to place them (keep in mind, these will not be returned as we plan to utilize them to share the memory of him for years to come with our two boys)

Burial procession will follow to Memory Gardens located at 2011 Arnold Industrial Way, in Concord.

**The family would like to respectfully ask for the public to be aware and considerate of the limited amount of space at the cemetery.

We also invite anyone wanting to attend the visitation, to join us Tuesday evening from 6pm-8pm at Moore’s Mission Funeral Home located at 1390 Monument Blvd, in Concord.

As most of you can understand, this is a very difficult time in our lives and although I would love to personally thank each and everyone of you for all of the kind, uplifting words and gestures…I am not physically, mentally or emotionally capable of doing so. Please feel free to share the above information as you deem necessary.

Marci Sturgill


  1. Ms. Marci
    I understand your greif, having lost many family members and though now it does not seem like it, YOU will get through this. It may be the hardest thing you ever do, but you and your precious boys will gain strength as each days pass. Many prayers for GOD to hold you and help you move through this time are strong and plentyfull. You, my lady are a strong person, that is why Lumpy married you. I hold in my heart hopes and prayers for better times for you and your precious boys.

  2. Marci,
    You And the Boys are in our Thoughts and Prayers.
    May God Be With You.
    Love Vic and Lesli Hazlett

  3. Marci,
    Our thoughts and Prayers are with you and the Boys.
    May God Be With You!
    Love Vic and Lesli

  4. Marci,

    Back in 2007 when Lumpy first opened his first diner i used to visit all the time. I was so shocked to hear what happened and feel so sad for you and your family. Lumpy was a great guy. I do plan on attending the memorial service on the 24th. I hope to be able to meet you.


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