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Antioch Water Park to Remain Closed Friday in Response to a Chemical Malfunction

by ECT

On Friday, June 19, 2015 the Antioch Water Park will remain closed to allow for continued testing of all operations and further review by Contra Costa County Environmental Health Department. Facility safety is the primary concern for all parties.

The Antioch Water Park closed at approximately 2:30 on Thursday, June 18, 2015 in response to a chemical malfunction in one of the five pools. All guests were escorted safely from the facility and individuals needing medical attention were treated.

It was estimated that at least 40-kids became ill with respiratory problems which required a Level 3 multi-casualty response from Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and AMR. A total of 13 ambulances, 5 engines, and medical staff were required.

In total, there was a total of 34-victims with minor respiratory problems, 17 whom were transported to local hospitals and later released to their parents.


In an email from City Manager Steve Duran he praised the Parks and Recreation Staff.

“All I have to say at this point is that Parks & Recreation Director Nancy Kaiser and her staff did a great job handling this incident.  They were the first responders. They made decisions quickly. They removed the kids from potential danger and got the help they needed from CC Fire,” said Duran. “When I got there, I saw no chaos or confusion.  Contra Costa Fire had incident command and they, along with EMTs, CHP and Antioch PD  were terrific.  When Chief Cantando and I arrived and were briefed by Nancy, CC Fire, etc., it was clear that everyone was communicating, working as one team and had the situation in hand.”

If anyone has any questions about the Antioch Water Park they should call the Parks and Recreation Director at (925) 779-7078.

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