Former Sheriff’s Deputy Charged with Four Felonies for Unlawful Sex Acts Against Inmates

Press Release


Martinez, Calif. The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office announced Friday that Patrick Morseman of Vallejo was charged with four felonies for unlawful sex acts involving two inmates at the West County Detention Facility. Morseman was a Deputy with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office and was assigned to the West County Detention Facility on the date the incidents occurred.

Morseman’s charges are specified penal code violations for sexual activity with a detainee in a jail. Morseman is charged with having unlawful oral copulation and sexual intercourse with the inmates in a jail cell during his shift on March 31.

Morseman was initially arrested by the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office on April 4 and released on $100,000 bail. The District Attorney’s Office requested that bail be set at $200,000.

Pursuant to state law, the identities of the victims will not be released as this is a sex crimes case. The victims in this case were offered victim assistance services by the District Attorney’s Office.

Morseman is facing a possible maximum sentence of five years in state prison. Arraignment is scheduled for a later date.


  1. This guy looks like a pedophile. What happened to protect and serve. looks like he was only into serving. now he’s gonna pay when he’s locked up and won’t let you out

  2. Well he’s law enforcement so he’ll get off easy. If his family was wealthy it’d be even better for him. Good old American “justice”– where your sentencing is income based.

  3. Now that former DA Mark Peterson is gone – Peterson had to resign after it was learned he had committed crimes while DA (he has also since been disbarred from the practice of law) – many are taking a long look at Sheriff David Livingston. Livingston, as many know, was Peterson’s closest friend and confidant – they were as close as brothers they say. Many wondered why Livingston never once called for Peterson’s resignation after it was learned Peterson had committed criminal acts while serving as the county’s top prosecutor. He was completely silent on Peterson’s transgressions. But later LIvingston – amazingly – get’s up before the Board of Supervisors and tried to claim Diana Becton – the first women ever to hold the top job at the DA’s office – was somehow unfit to be our top prosecutor. Livingston is actually leading the campaign to oust DA Becton – the first women we’ve ever had run the DA’s office. In addition to this odd behavior, Livingston has been fighting with members of the Board of Supervisors, and with various community groups too – immigrant rights groups are suing him over the mistreatment of undocumented prisoners that have been incarcerated for misdemeanors. Also, many believe Livingston strongly supports the Trump- Sessions’s immigration policies, so much so people are saying he’s morphed into a Joe Arapio type of Sheriff. And now we have this big sex scandal happening at the jail. I think it’s clear Livingston – like Peterson – is now on the hot-seat, he’s getting beat up in the papers, community groups are up in arms – he’s become one of the most embattled elected official in the county. Livingston is fortunate nobody ran against him this time, had a good candidate filed he probably would have gotten beat.

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