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Episode 4: The Unoffendable Podcast Show

by ECT
The Unoffendable

The Unoffendable Podcast Show Episode 4 is now out… Attorney Amy Hilton joins us as we talk COVID-19 lockdowns, a bunch of other stuff, but do close out on a high note talking best Christmas songs both new and old.


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On this episode, special guest Amy Hilton joins us as we jump right into the COVID-19 shutdowns thanks to Governor Gavin Newsom and rogue health officials (including Contra Costa County) moving the goal posts and rules yet again. Somehow we get into death row and using COVID-19 vaccine on them as test subjects, pay per view “justice”, a bribe proposal that would pay people $1,500 to take the COVID vaccine. Switching gears, we talk about Bill Ackman suggesting the US should give every American $6,700 cash at birth—would become $1-2 million by age 65.

Turnage proposes removing warning labels off of things. We discuss a body builder who married a sex doll. The giant “penis sculpture” statue in Germany which became a selfie magnet. We talk Playboy Model Marisa Papen skinny dipping with sharks which prompts Amy to talk about her time she skinny dipped in the Sierra Nevada. We close on Christmas songs to close on a positive.

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Being Unoffendable is a lifestyle. It means you can have a conversation and debate about any topic, not get offended, followed by being able to gout and have a beer while having a good time. There is no need to dislike, unfriend or ignore people due to a difference of opinion.  We can all agree to disagree and discuss sensitive topics without getting easily offended.

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