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Episode 2: The Unoffendable Podcast

by ECT

On this episode, we continue blasting COVID Hypocrite Number 1 in California Governor Gavin Newsom, talk COVID-19 stories around the web, get into should adults still be playing video games, pilots drawing a penis in the sky, paying $60k for a class on how to organism, where Americans are moving to and this idea on if lower Oregon should leave for Idaho.

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On this episode…

  • 01:25 – we kick off the episode with Ken Turnage II talks about the gunfire that struck his office this past week in the City of Antioch.
  • 05:29 – We jump into California Governor Gavin Newsom’s curfew and how Newsom is COVID Hypocrite number one due to his stunt at the French Laundry along with lawmakers going to Hawaii when telling others not to travel.
  • 07:55 – Pennsylvania Governor announces people should wear masks even in their own homes.
  • 08:55 – We discuss this study from data collected by Public Health England of where contact tracing of 128,000 people of where people are getting COVID-19. We go over the top 10 locations where people are getting COVID. Supermarkets were the most common location of people who reported to have tested positive for the virus. Bars and Restaurants were under 1%. We talk about how protests you are apparently immune from getting COVID. Donald Trump rallies are apparently super spreaders. Story
  • 15:10 – We talk about how a New York Restaurant is requiring a $50 COVID-19 test before any indoor dining? Story
  • 18:10 – A bar in Rome has had enough, they have banned any virus talk. Story
  • 19:00 – We jump into Black Friday and the one toy you always wanted for Christmas which this years gift is a Play Station 5. This then gets into the idea of adult men playing video games and if it should be accepted.
  • 29:25 – back to Black Friday, is it going to happen or is it going to be online? How is it going to work with social distancing? Should Christmas gift expectations be reduced?
  • 33:50 – possibility of a fantasy porn draft? A new version of fantasy sports.
  • 35:06 – Porn in the sky. Pilot in support of a soccer captain, drew a penis in the sky in support of masturbating footballer. Two pilots are now under investigation. The flight tracking software captured the image. Story
  • 40:32 – We talk about this “orgasm cult” under investigation by the FBI… which is sad, but their course is up to $60k to learn how to have an orgasm. Story
  • 45:20 – We get into Kyle Rittenhouse bail and how Ricky Schroder helped pay the bail. Story
  • 48:39 – Elon Musk and his $160k per second and now third richest in the world and says we will be on Mars in glass domes by 2050. Story
  • 51:55 – We talk about the US Census Data and where Americans are moving. We talk about the top 10 states. Story
  • 53:35 – Rural Oregon counties wants to join Idaho. Story
  • 1:02:08 – Homicides across America rose more than 28% in first 9 months of 2020. Story
  • 1:06:05 – You can now eat human steaks; scientist insist its not cannibalism. Would you eat human meat? Story
  • 1:11:00 – We talk about a State Trooper dressed in a Star Wars costume making a DUI arrest in Nevada. Story

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