Emeryville Police Warn of Nanny Scammer, Frequents Contra Costa County

Press Release

Photo provided by Emeryville Police Department

On Friday April 26, 2019, at 1:50PM, the Emeryville Police Department received a report from a resident stating someone had assumed her identity as a professional nanny. The resident reported two families in San Francisco had considered hiring her for a shared nanny position. When the families investigated further, they were able to contact the Emeryville resident. The resident and families soon realized they were dealing with a con artist and contacted law enforcement.

One of the families had a surveillance camera which captured the suspect as she entered their home to be interviewed for the job. A thorough investigation was done and, with the families’ cooperation, the suspect was identified as 60 year old Darlene Mariana Monticalvo.

Monticalvo is currently wanted by the Oakland Police Department for several felonies, which among others, involve injury to a child. Monticalvo has a history of running nanny scams and is known to frequent areas of Contra Costa county. She tends to target young, affluent families.

If you know of Monticalvo’s current location please call 911 as soon as possible.

Anyone with information about Monticalvo’s criminal conduct is asked to contact the Emeryville Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Section at (510) 596-3700.


  1. We contacted an agency which specializes in hiring out nannies. The interviews (several) were conducted in the offices of the agency, NOT AT OUR HOUSE! We insisted that these women have degrees in nursing. The agencies thoroughly vetted the women and we felt safe with that and the one we hired was an angel. NEVER just pick someone who advertises on Craig’s List or puts a card up in the grocery store or advertises individually online.

  2. One cannot be too careful these days. Anyone you bring into your house to help with your children, or parents and even your pets, should be carefully vetted.

  3. The scam is residential theft, impersonating another individual, identity theft, 22 prior felony conviction since 1986, serious injury to an infant, stole credit cards to withdraw money from ATM machine, tried to run down a police officer and was arrested by the Walnut Creek cops for that. She has a rap sheet a mile long.

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