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Updated: Election Results: Becton Has Huge Lead in District Attorney’s Race

by ECT

The following are the election results for the June 7 primary election for Contra Costa County elections. The county released its first round of results shortly after 8:00 pm Tuesday.

In these races, if a candidate reaches 50%+1, they will automatically win the election. If not, the top two will move onto the November election. For example, the supervisor race for District 4, with multiple candidates, the top 2 finishers will complete against one another in the November election.

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s race has received the most media attention between Diana Becton and Mary Knox—including the million dollar campaign spent on behalf of Becton to go after Knox.

Knox, who is a career prosecutor, has run a campaign tough on crime while advocating for the victim and has stated the county is headed in the wrong direction and that District Attorney Becton has created criminal friendly policies that endanger law abiding citizens.

Becton, meanwhile, has run on criminal justice reform, going after “bad cops” and advocates for sending low-level offenders to programs to help turn their lives around.

Results updated as of 11:27 pm

Supervisor, District 1

  • John Gioia -84.29%
  • Hulan Barnett Jr -15.71%


Supervisor, District 4

  • Ken Carlson – 27.72% (7,471)
  • Debora Allen -25.61% (6,902)
  • Carlyn Obringer -24.17% (6,513)
  • Roxanne Carrillo Garza – 13.28% (3,580)
  • Ed Birsan -9.22% (2,486)


County Assessor

  • Gus Kramer – 57.57%
  • Floy Elizabeth Andrews – 42.43%


County Auditor

  • Robert Campbell – 100%


Clerk- Recorder

  • Kristin Braun Connelly – 34.42% (34,049)
  • Vicki Gordon -24.41% (24,152)
  • Devin T Murphy -20.59% (20,371)
  • Nick Spinner -20.58% (20,359)


District Attorney

  • Diana Becton -56.01% (63,147 votes)
  • Mary Knox – 43.99% (49,599 votes)


County Sheriff

  • David Livingston – 61.16% (67,906)
  • Benjamin Therriault – 38.84% (43,125)


County Treasurer-Tax Collector

  • Russell V Watts – 100%


Contra Costa County Measure G

Extension of the Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program. Shall the measure extending the Contra Costa County Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program and associated annual fee, at a rate of one dollar per vehicle registered in Contra Costa County and an additional two dollars for certain commercial vehicles registered in Contra Costa County, which is estimated to generate $1,100,000 annually for removing and disposing of abandoned and wrecked vehicles, until April 30, 2032, be adopted?

  • Yes – 68.74%
  • No – 31.26%


For full election results from Contra Costa County, click here.

For full election results for State races, click here

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Karla Jun 7, 2022 - 9:31 pm

Very disappointing! We needed change in this state…

Luisa Jun 12, 2022 - 9:41 am

I agree!

Unbelievable Jun 8, 2022 - 5:27 am

The Becton voters are incredibly stupid. Becton is corrupt and has done everything in her power to increase crime and coddle criminals in this county.

BobV Jun 8, 2022 - 7:03 pm

The election was won due money from an outsider

This exemplifies what a problem this is

On YouTube I was constantly bombarded with Beckyon adds

Folks don’t fact check these days

I’ve tried to talk sense into friends, ultimately they are dismissive no matter how bad the politician is for everyone.

Unfortunately, things will get worse now. Perhaps bad enough people pay attention.

Our area doesn’t get mainstream coverage of any substance.

Luisa Jun 12, 2022 - 9:47 am

It’s really sad and depressing , I wonder if my vote was even considered . Are people walking around blind? Crime has gotten worse , homelessness has grown, theft and burglary are serious but are not being taken serious. Sad times.. 😞

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