EBRPD Police Seeks Help Locating Stolen Herding Dog Puppies

Photos provided by EBRPD Police

The East Bay Regional Park District Police announced they are seeking the public’s assistance in locating two herding dog puppies that were stolen from their owner near the Dodson Family Marsh of Pt. Pinole Regional Park.

The incident occurred on July 8 sometime between 8:00 am and 11:30 am said Park District police.

The two puppies are black and white Border Collies, about 5-8 weeks old. The puppies are working dogs the herder relies on for his livelihood.

If anybody has information about who may have stolen the dogs or their current location, please contact the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department at 510-881-1121 (emergency) or 510-881-1833 (non-emergency)


  1. This exactly the reason that we must have high definition security CAMERAS everywhere …… on the streets, neighborhoods, park entries and exits…… EVERYWHERE!

    • They are adorable. We just lost our beloved doggie of 19 years. Wish I had one of them, but the wife says she can’t go through that again.

      • I can relate to your wife’s feelings. It is just totally heart-breaking when a dog succumbs no matter what age he is. We too had dogs and I can’t go through that pain again … but I do want to give some dogs a good home and care, so I will have to go through that pain again .. But, if you can’t feel pain then you can’t feel joy either.

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