Instant Karma: Trailer of Thief Catches Fire While Committing Burglary in Progress in Antioch


An update to the trailer fire that occurred Monday at 3:44 am as security footage has been provided by Service Pros Plumbers of Antioch that shows a man who came out of a trailer parked on Railroad Avenue near D Street break into their business.

Prior to the fire, the man spent two-hours attempting to break into the business by cutting through a chain link fence, used a flare to break into their storage container, broke into their boat—even took a poop in their boat—and stole a few items.

By 3:40 am, that is when the fire occurred in the trailer and the man can be seen running back out of the business and towards the trailer. The video also shows firefighters arriving on scene.

Contra Costa County Firefighters arrived on scene and reported a trailer that was attached to a vehicle on fire with two occupants having already exited the vehicle. The fire posed on threats to nearby commercial buildings, but for a brief time did threaten PG&E wires.

Firefighters made quick knockdown and cleared the scene in under an hour. it appears two people were displaced by the incident.

Antioch Police are still investigating the incident while Service Pros Plumbers now have to fix their fence, repair their boat and storage container. They also lost several items that were taken from their storage container and placed in the trailer by the thief which later burned.



  1. “POO BANDIT?” Great moniker! He will never be able to live this down! Now, who called the fire department?

  2. Poo Bandit? I LOVE IT! Will he ever be able to look anyone in the eye? “Hey! How’s it goin’, poo bandit?”

  3. Poo Bandit Karma at its finest, love it. Serves you right, Mr Poo Bandit. We need his name so we can forever enshrine this incident to this criminal.

  4. This didn’t make my day. Any time there’s a fire, there’s a threat. I want him arrested, but a fire, wasted tax dollars, wasted insurance money (replacement), etc. No thank you.

    • What insurance (replacement)? I bet the guy doesn’t have two nickles to rub together. Insurance! LMAO!

      • He could have a family member insure it, and commit insurance fraud. They need the money more than the rest of us. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this was insurance fraud – if he’s insured.

  5. This is just another example of why Antioch needs to stop being complacent with all these vagrants. They are trashing the city, committing crimes, and they always manage to create dangerous fires. It’s time for some pro active policing, at least this dirtbag got some instant carma….LOL

  6. Hey! He might get some notoriety and get speaking engagements, thus changing his financial status for good. Who wouldn’t want the “POO BANDIT” to discuss his experiences at your club’s next meeting?

  7. Now, the POO BANDIT is scouting locations where he can steal some replacements for what burned down in his RV …. b sure to watch your open garage doors, people. There’s a picture of his face on NEXTDOOR (Antioch).

  8. In a recent conversation with both my grandmother and great-grandmother, they said that Antioch used to be a great little city with hardly any crime, no blighted neighborhoods, people had pride of ownership, a single family dwelling was just that. Not a place where one guy rents a house and 20 more people move in. This is how the city was in the late 1959’s and early 1960’s …. then something happened and the place started sliding into the shithole it has become.

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