East Contra Costa School Districts Announce Plans for 2020-21 School Year


On Monday, school districts have began announcing their plans of what the 2020-21 school year will look like. Three school districts began to lay out plans during school board meetings.

Each district spent hours going over feedback, reviewing where we were at within COVID-19 and pros and cons for either having students on campus or continuing with distance learning.

Here is an overview for what each District’s Board voted on:

Brentwood Union Elementary School District
Start Date is July 28
100% Distance Learning

Liberty Union High School District
Start Date is August 10
A-B Class Format, every other day
100% Distance Learning is an option

Oakley Union Elementary School District
Start Date: July 27
100% Distance Learning…. Will move to hybrid schedule when “safe”.

According to the BUSD survey, 70% of those surveyed said they would prefer in person social distanced learning where just 29% said they prefer At-home/Online Distance learning should local health orders allow BUSD to re-open by July 28.  (Question No. 5—2,696 surveyed)

According to the BUSD survey from staff, they responded with 73.19% that they preferred social distanced in-person learning while 26.81% said at-home/online learning. (Question No. 7–593 surveyed)

According to the OUESD survey, it said 49.7% preferred a return to school with an AM/PM schedule, while 16.8% said return with hybrid of AA/BB schedule, 10.3% said return to school with AA/AB schedule and just 23.3% said distance learning. (3,389 responses)

For students in the Antioch Unified School District, it was stated by Greg Hetrick during the Oakley Union Elementary School District meeting that Antioch was looking at a Sept. 1 start date. No other information was released on Antioch’s plans.


  1. Blame the teachers unions, they are being a bunch of babies. Just look all over social media complaining of how hard it was to be on zoom with students. Most of these people worked one hour a day. Some never even engaged with kids.

    For the good teachers who did work hard, thank you. But it was far and not enough and this comment does not apply to you.

    • Tell me again,why and what the union is being blamed?? They did what??. What I have noticed,over the years.is pay has not kept pace and the unions have lost their power. 3% contracts while execs/admin get 30%…

    • Karen…your misinformed opinion aside did you even read the article? 74% of BUSD teachers proposed IN PERSON learning. My wife is a teacher. Spend “one hour a day” in her shoes, regardless of the circumstances, and your poorly framed opinion may change. Those teachers deal with the “Karen” type parents all day every day. You couldn’t pay me enough to deal with people like you

  2. I don’t understand how 70% of parents preferred in person teaching and yet, the school board approves 100% distant learning!! WTF?????

  3. If teachers are not going back to school then taxpayers should have a BIG reduction in our tax bills. In addition grocery store clerks, hospital staff, police, fire, delivery drivers , plus many more are essential workers. I would think teaching is essential as well.

    • Teachers (and students) ARE going back to school through Distance Learning. In fact, I just got finished spending hours of my summer break today (unpaid) with my colleagues in my backyard coming up with best practices for DL and creating lessons to start the year off.

  4. It’s not clear from this article just what is intended for LUHSD. A/B days has always been the norm there. And, as I write this, LUHSD has failed to post anything on their website.

  5. Under current circumstances it’s neither safe nor smart to open schools. Distance learning is not the best, but the safest option. We’re under a Pandemic attack in all states just waiting for the second wave to show up. Please, what is most important than the lives of our beloved ones???

  6. I think all schools should do Social distant learning with this Pandemic going on we love our kids and we don’t want nothing to happen to them they need to stay home for now until all this dies down And I am in San Joaquin County

  7. I think all schools should stay close. They should do 100% Zoom. The Teachers did a great Job. And my Granddaughter enjoyed it and did I. For the safety of our children let’s do Social Distant for now. Concern Grandma’s

  8. The board made this difficult decision with the welfare of children and families in mind. The spikes in COVID19 cases in our county have been steep since restrictions were eased. Hospitalizations are rising. There is no good way to keep kids and their families safe in an in-person model. Keeping our community safe is always our first responsibility. All school staff are working hard to improve how we meet the needs of kids and families in the safest possible way.

  9. Elizabeth:
    School staff are already working hard to design distance learning that will meet the needs of our diverse learners. Some teachers have spent their entire unpaid summer doing so.
    The difference between a school setting and many other settings is that in school many people are crowded into a small space for hours which is how we know the virus spreads best. This is why indoor gatherings have been discouraged. Putting children in small rooms with dozens of other people is not safe during this pandemic as cases are currently on the rise. Teachers, para-pofessionals, custodians, cafeteria workers, office staff, principals, and everyone else are and will be working diligently to care for our community and educate our kids.

  10. Some kids cannot distance learn school material. Parents of “good girls and boys” will argue for distance learning. For the rest, Is having an education a life or death issue?
    A vaccine is not a guaranteed thing. People who were educated are needed.

  11. Given the current statistics and trends in county going back to the classroom isn’t the safest idea. Many of us have spent days trying to find a way to make returning to the classroom work, but at the end of the day, we do not feel we can guarantee the safety of the students and staff. BUSD teachers want to send our sincerest thanks to the Board for reading, listening, asking the right questions, and challenging us to find solutions together. We want to thank the Board for your support and partnership in making the best of a horrible situation.

    BUSD families , we will do everything in our power as teachers to make this phase of distance learning a success. We will work to support students in learning and growing academically and emotionally as well. We have learned from last year’s crisis-teaching and are ready to get back into the trenches to do better. We are dedicated to doing the best for Brentwood’s families. We will strive for excellence; WE ARE BUSD!!!

  12. Given that these decisions have been made, the elementary school districts should have the brains to delay their openings until August 10th as the LUHSD has. That would give them two extra weeks of precious time to prepare for “distance learning” – which available evidence indicates that they desperately need – and benefit families by aligning the elementary and high school schedules. Wake up, elementary school districts!!

  13. If the teachers are so concerned about themselves, put them behind plastic walls like everyone else is doing. Kids need interaction not only educationally but socially too. There are ways to do this unless another underlying force is screwing up America ?

  14. The teachers are not just worried about themselves. The children cough on each other put their hands on everything wipe their noses touch their mouths get up close to each other. While the teacher is telling Joe and Jenny and the other 20 kids they need to be 6 feet away who has time to teach every time you stop teaching to correct a child it takes time to get them back to work

  15. With all this bickering from parents about how the district is going to educate your children and how unprepared they are. What are you as a parent doing to aid in this situation besides complaining? Maybe you should be learning and preparing to be more to your children than a bickering parent. Learn how to help the district, especially LEARN HOW TO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN. All summer long I have read how upset every adult is that they can’t go to a restaurant or a bar, not a word as to how is our children going to get the education they so dearly need. Our governor has been called all kinds of names for not agreeing with our so called president about opening the economy, so then our governor leaves it up to the cites and counties themselves to decide then he is called spineless. He has four children himself and if I remember right none of them are even teens yet. He is going through all of this just as all of us with children regarding education, and the protests having to explain to them what all is going on and how we as people and most important
    Americans are trying to deal with all of this and keep them safe. Babies not even a year old have died this year of this stupid virus, I wonder how something so small contacted the virus, only answer is the child’s irresponsible parents. So excuse me people really we brought these young ones onto this earth it is our personal responsibility to teach and protect them. Not to enforce our opinions on them, not to blame others for not doing there jobs. It is honestly the time for the adults to put their own, wants and desires aside and do what they think they could handle when they had these little angels is teach your children people. Its your job first, school helps since so many couldn’t get through school them selves. So instead of wondering what someone else is going to do for you again, what are you doing for your children really, they are yours, you had fun getting them here and its time to pay the piper. Stand up and be the parent you so proclaim to be so caring and loving, its not that hard is it. To take say 4 hours of your day away from your electronic devices and spend time with your own children. Teaching them the needed material for them to be productive. Its now how we get the material, its how they get taught the material. If you aren’t Man or Woman enough for that then really you aren’t much of an adult are you.

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