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East Contra Costa Sandbag Locations

by ECT

The Bay Area is expected to receive more rain throughout the day with some areas set to receive one-half inch to one inch of rain. It’s expected the rain will come down heavily in the afternoon hours.

Below are sandbag locations should you need them–remember, bring your own shovel.


County Run Sandbag locations

Byron Airport 500 eagle Court, Byron
Bags are located in the pump house at the junction of Byron Hot Springs Road and Holey Road. Contact Airport staff at 925-634-0147 for access. The sand cradle is located on the west side of the pump house.

Oakley Senior Center 215 Second Street Oakley
Bags and sand are located at the south end of the parking lot next to the large tree adjacent to Delta Station.

Ambrose Recreation Center/CCC Family Service Center 3105 Willow Pass Road, Bay Point
Bags are located in a large green plastic trash bin on the west side of the parking lot next to the fence line approximately ¾ of the way back to the playing fields.

City Run Sandbag Locations

City of Antioch – Maintenance Service Center located at 1201 W. 4th Street. Limit of 20 staff & do it yourself station. Cost is .50 empty/$1 filled

City of Brentwood – Corp Yard at 2201 Elkins Way. Limit of 10, do it yourself. No Charge

City of Pittsburg – Corporation Yard at 357 E. 12th Street. No charge.

Sandbag Fill Instructions

  1. Fill sandbags 1/3 full with sand (3 shovels full)
  2. FIRST BAG: Fold the empty top of the bag at a 45-degree angle away from the source of water to keep sand from leaching out
  3. SUBSEQUENT BAGS: Place each bag over the folded top of the preceding bag. All folds must be folded the same direction.
  4. .END BAG: Fold the top of the last bag in the row underneath itself and place it over the folded top of the preceding bag, then stomp/pat bags into place.

For a full list of sandbag locations in Contra Costa County, click here.

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