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East Contra Costa Fire December Average Response Time at 8:10 Minutes

by ECT

The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District reported that in the month of December they had 732 service calls with an average response time of 8:10 minutes.

Within November the District ran 568 calls with a response time of 8:15 minutes. In calendar year 2016, the District has an average response time of 8:03 minutes.

During the month of December, the District responded to 5 structure fires, 1 commercial structure fire, 7 vehicle fires, 3 large vehicle fires, and 5 vegetation fires. The District also responded to 23 vehicle crashes, and 2 vehicle accidents with rescue. They also had 5 vehicle vs. pedestrian calls, 1 motorcycle crash, and 3 bicycle accidents.. The District was also able to participate in its second Mutual Aid Strike Team where it sent a team to Southern California.

Due to call volume, the District had zero engines available 14-times which totaled 2:33 hours. During

According to the District, here is a breakdown of the Calls For Service by Station in the month of December:

  • Engine 52 (Brentwood) ran 39% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 343 times.
  • Engine 53 (Oakley) ran 37% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 322 times.
  • Engine 59 (Discovery Bay) ran 16% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 136 times.
  • CALFIRE assisted in 3% of the calls for 25 rollouts.
  • Auto Aid assisted in 5% of the calls for 49 rollouts
  • Mutual Aid received assisted in 0% of the calls for 0 rollouts.

Average Response Time by Service Area:

  • Bethel Island – 14:17 Minutes
  • Discovery Bay/Byron – 15:37 Minutes
  • Marsh Creek – 10:56 Minutes
  • Knightsen – 9:00 Minutes
  • Brentwood – 7:26 minutes
  • Oakley – 7:03 Minutes

In the month of December, the District received auto aid from Contra Costa Fire 49-times with them sending a total of 72 engines. Meanwhile the District sent CONFIRE auto aid 26-times for 27 engines

For the full report and the January 8 Agenda, click here.

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Rick Jan 8, 2018 - 8:50 am

Discovery Bay/Byron is a large district to cover. Is there a way the response times can be broken down for the individual communities so that responses to Byron are not factored into the actual response times to Discovery Bay? Doing so would more accurately reflect the actual response times rather than an averaged one between communities that are miles apart.

Brian Helmick- ECCFPD Interim Fire Chief Jan 10, 2018 - 9:00 am

Rick- your question in a good one. The District recently developed a new website that can be referenced to obtain District: meeting, finance, history and operations or response time information.

To access the website please visit http://www.eccfpd.org. Specifically, to address your question, for District Response times by area please visit https://www.eccfpd.org/monthly-operational-reports

If you have any questions you can also submit them on the website and or you can also call me on my cell 925-584-8468.


Brian Helmick

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