Dublin Police Arrest Transient in Alleged Burglary, Sexual Assault

Photo by Dublin Police

The Dublin Police Department announced they arrested a man who allegedly entered a home in the middle of the night and began touching a female inappropriately.

According to police, the incident occurred around 11:50 pm on Thursday, Oct. 3, where a female reported the burglary and assault in the 7900 block of Tamarack Drive.

Police say once the victim was wakened by the inappropriate touching, she screamed and the suspect fled from the residence. It is believed the suspect entered through an unlocked rear door.

After further investigation, police identified the suspect as transient, Jatonio Simmons, 24, who was arrested the next day at Mape Memorial Park in Dublin.

Simmons was arrested on charges of sexual assault and residential burglary. He was transported to Santa Rita Jail.


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