Discovery Bay: Second Vehicle Accident Wednesday Required Helicopter Transport


ECCFPD Disco Bay

On Wednesday evening, a second crash occurred in Discovery Bay which required a medical helicopter transport. The crash occurred at 8:45 pm on Highway 4 and Byron Highway where a vehicle ended up in a field.

East Contra Costa Fire Protection District  and AMR crews arrived on scene of the two vehicle accident with both vehicle off the roadway with one person trapped. Crews secured the scene while providing medical aid. Crews were able to extricate the subject and transport via helicopter to John Muir Medical Center for additional treatment.

The California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the incident, however, the BC report indicates that alcohol appears to have played a factor in the crash.

An earlier incident occurred at 3:30 pm causing a traffic nightmare after a vehicle crashed into an AT&T pole on Bixler Road and Highway 4. The driver was not injured.


    • To get technical, the only portion of the byron hwy that touches highway 4 is from the old cement plant to the old Ginos gas station. From that point on to stockton its highway 4 and to tracy its J4

      • Exactly and this accident happened at the Safeway gas station which is on Bixler and HIGHWAY 4. THE BYRON HIGHWAY GOES TO TRACY NOT STOCKTON. SO ‘FOR WHY’ AND BROMANCERS’ ARE EXACTLY RIGHT. It was reported in error. No one seems to get the symantics out here. We live here and know what’s what. But there is always some smart A_ _ chiming in.

  1. Nothing but,
    Hwy 4 and Byron Hwy are shared from marsh creek rd to the Hwy 4 – J4 split only. Maybe a tenth of a mile.

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