Discovery Bay: Vehicle Into Pole Shuts Down Bixler Road


At roughly 3:30 pm, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District crews responded to a vehicle accident that left a pole on tilt after the crash on Bixler Road near Highway 4.

According to radio traffic, the California Highway Patrol stated the accident was non-injury and the driver was out. Engine 59 reported the pole was not in good shape and needed to take precautions which shut the road down.  They were investigating if it was a PG&E or AT&T pole.

According to multiple witnesses who contacted this site, they stated the driver lost control of the vehicle doing a burnout and ran into the pole.  Another said he was showing off for some kids on the sidewalk.  The vehicle appeared to be new Challenger

Update: At 5:09 pm, Engine 59 became available as AT&T arrived on scene.

bixler road ECCFPD59 bixler road ECCFPD59bbixler road ECCFPD59c

Photo credits to Jeni Plummer,  Lisa Galiata Baker and Todd Mayhood.


  1. Another young driver. Maybe he saw the price of gas? Sometimes that makes me want to slam into a pole.

    Driving by the scene you could see a tire mark from the stop light at the intersection to the power pole where he collided. Guess he ran out of talent halfway through the turn.

    It just goes to show you that a high horse powered car should not be in the hands of a kid.

    Glad he is o.k.

  2. Two kids had been sitting there earlier. Apparently he was trying his best to impress. Plenty of witnesses. They were all lucky this ended the way it did.

    There are going to be a lot of ticked off people on their way home. Highway 4 is shut down in both directions at Bixler.

  3. What a beautiful car. Glad no one was hurt. I keep telling my bro to stop with donuts but his halfwit gets the best of him. Now I just sit back and shake my head at the fool. Mom felt bad cause she dropped him at birth. I guess the car was a way to make it up. Mom is not buying you another car this time until you grow up and act more responsible.

    • ECVsbrother John,

      You should seek some professional help regarding your fixations and delusions. You are getting worse and posting the same crap over and over. It is doing nothing for your credibility-not that you ever had any. I know things are slow over in Knightsen, but seriously consider getting yourself some much needed help.

      Funny you should state; “grow up and act more responsible.” Is that what you are doing by posting this make believe juvenile crap over and over? Or is it just a cry for help?

      What’s really wrong with you? A lot of people are asking.

  4. Very lucky no one was hurt…but this should be a lesson to Parents and young drivers that your actions can cause others hurt..people were inconvienced and it costs money to fix what is broken… it took my husband another half hr to get home after he has driven an hour

  5. Yea what a jerk; he could have killed someone. He turns our road into a traffic nightmare for 6 hours and as a result we were almost killed by an idiot and 10 others turning around in our ‘no trespass’ driveway. Then our phones were out for 12 hours.

  6. The jerk caused serious traffic issues on our two lane 17 foot wide country road with irrigation ditches on both sides for over 9 hours. Husband was nearly hit head on from one of 10 cars turning around and speeding out of our driveway, running over our lawn, destroying our solar lights along the edge of our lawn. we had to barricade our driveway to stop the destruction. Then our phones were out all day today until 2 p.m. All because this jerk was reckless.

    • Pat, is that you??

      Still trying to get Marsh Creek turned into a private road for yourself?? Maybe its time to pull up stakes and move! Poor kid was almost killed and all you can think about is how inconvenienced you were?? Poor baby!!

      • poor kid, poor kid are you kidding me. He was driving recklessly and you condone that! You have a real problem; get a life.

  7. There was a major accident last night at 8:52 because of the closure. I sure hope the driver of the car My son and I saw nearly split in two right before our eyes survived. I know that some one had to be airlifted out. We were turning right off 4 onto Byron Hwy all of the sudden heard squeals and realized the car behind us was drifting right into us completely out of control the car somehow got some traction right before it wiped us out missed us and plowed straight through the traffic stopped at the red light waiting to turn left. before hitting a tree. Those poor people were just waiting to get around the mess. I hope they all survived. Why is there no report of this?

  8. Don’t comment you don’t live here jerk

    I see Burk is still letting people like you rant comments about issues you know nothing about!

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