Discovery Bay CSD Appoints President and Vice President for 2014


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The Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District Directors appointed Mark Simon as its  Board President and Chris Steele as its Vice President for 2014.

The Town of Discovery Bay does not rotate its Director positions, but instead, the Directors themselves make annual nominations and vote on its President, Vice President, and President Pro Tem. During the meeting, a question of process quickly came up after Director Simon tried to take a quick vote after he was nominated to be president which would close the nomination process.

Listening to the audio, Mark Simon was nominated (2:06) and he called for a vote quickly  (2:10).  A few seconds later Kevin Graves chimed in asking if that was all the nominations and an end to the discussion.

Simon responded “It’s one and done.”

Legal corrected Simon stating that you actually take all the nominations, take public comments, hold a public discussion once all the nominations are had they could then  take the vote.

After going through the correct process, Simon was appointed as CSD Board President in a 3-0 vote with Graves and Marianne Wiesen abstaining.

The nominations for Vice President got interesting as  Wiesen nominated Graves while Chris Steele and Bill Pease nominated themselves.

Wiesen made a motion to appoint Graves which died after no one had seconded the motion. Pease nominated himself for Vice President which also died for lack of a second. Finally, Steele nominated himself which was seconded and appointed 4-0 with  Graves abstaining.

The Board then moved onto President Pro Tem. Director Pease nominated himself for Pro Tem while Wiesen nominated Graves for the position.  Graves was appointed in a 3-0 vote with two abstentions.

Kevin Graves abstained from all three votes.

Below are the committee assignments.  (Director Appointed / Alternate)

  • Contra Costa County Aviation Advisory Committee – Graves / Steele
  • Contra Costa County Code Enforcement – Wiesen / Simon
  • Contra Costa Special Districts Association – Pease / Simon
  • East Contra Costa Fire Protection District Liaison – Graves / Simon
  • East County Water Management Association – Simon / Steele
  • LAFCO Liaison – Steele / Pease
  • Police Services (P6 Committee) – Pease / Wiesen
  • School District Representative/Liaison – Steele / Graves
  • Regional Transportation Agencies – Pease / Graves

Subcommittees (Director Appointed / Alternate)

  • Budget Subcommittee – Simon / Pease
  • Communications Committee – Graves / Steele
  • Community Center Subcommittee – Steele & Graves
  • Investment Oversight Subcommittee – Steele / Simon
  • Landscaping Subcommittee – Simon / Wiesen
  • Park and Recreation Subcommittee – Wiesen / Graves
  • Public Financing Authority Subcommittee – Graves / Simon
  • Water & Wastewater Subcommittee – Steele / Graves

The meeting was held January 8, 2014.


  1. The way I am reading this is you have an ego driven board who refuses to support one another. Kevin Graves fails to even vote on a President or Vice President? What kind of leadership is that? I think its sad no one is speaking out against directors nominating themselves. That would not occur in real cities.

  2. Burk, you as anyone should know they don’t call it Dysfunctional Bay for nothin! Nice to see this being reported on a day later instead of next month.

  3. Yawn and no surprise that yet again more anti-discovery bay postings from ECT. Try being positive for a change. I suggest reading other local media. The Board is entitled to vote however they wanted. Its easy to play Monday morning Quarterback

  4. ECT is slanted, just provide the news without opinion. Give Mark Simon will make a fine President this year.

    • @ Sally,

      Mark Simon has no skills. Unless doing nothing is a skill. He is the guy that wants the title but not the work. You don’t have to read too deeply to see how evident that is. How is that for opinion??

      If you want slant, go read the local weekly reader or monthly advertiser and bone up on pet of the week. The level of journalism there is grade school at best.

      Thanks ECT for putting out the facts and dissing the fluff.

    • You may be entitled to your opinion, but if you review the audio I think you may retract that statement.

  5. @ Disco Bay Cappy,

    You must have read a different article than the rest of us. How in the heck did you read into it that this was “anti-discovery bay”? Its just a summation of events as they occurred.

    I think your post is a yawn fest and anti-ECT. Would that be me reading into it or responding to exactly what you wrote.

    You must be from dysfunctional bay. In fact I’d bet good money on it.

    “Suggest reading other local media”?? Which one, the weekly reader or the Monthly advertiser?? Neither one is worth a sheet.

  6. Some of these comments from people add nothing to the discussion except noise. I love my community, but not my CSD Board as a whole. It needs some improvement. Some Directors I can live with, some I wish would be voted out because they have done little to push our town forward. Unfortunately, that is not up to me to decide, but rather for a majority.
    As a concerned resident who listened to the audio to see how accurate this site is, it’s just another review of a meeting. It’s a recap and nothing more than that from what the audio says. I wish the author would have reported more about Director Wiesen and how she has very few committees even when ask for more. Good old boys clubs strike again which is unfortunate.
    I have a few questions for the CSD on their appointments. Why is someone voted as President or Vice President and what are their goals for the year? Where is the CSD headed? Or is it a Board who does very little because the public cares very little? Be careful who you vote for this coming year, you may not be happy as the rest of East County passes us by.

  7. Lots of haters tonight. Mention Discovery Bay and everyone feels the need to chime in and attack. I enjoy ECT and enjoy the fact he is accurate and fast with the coverage. May not agree with everything, but at least I know what is going on in the area unlike other papers who fail to even report on a lot of things. Keep up the good work ECT and don’t let a few naysayers ruin it for your 20,000+ followers on Facebook. We enjoy the many updates.

  8. There is no fun in having to work for status. Talk is expensive out here. I love myself and I’m right 101 times out of a 100. That’s why I chose living in Discovery Bay. I knew I would blend in with others well.There is no ego in Town just people who are better than their neighbor. Why is there so many abstentions? No way It could be ego.

    • Donnyboy

      Why don’t you ask Kevin Graves Yourself? Oh that’s right you are a cowardly little puke. Keep hiding behind your keyboard window-licker.

      You never were one for winning a honest debate.

  9. Just what we need, a President who isn’t going to follow the rules on a simple appointment process. There are a lot more complex issues. I appoint myself to the CSD, if someone seconds it, can I serve?

  10. While the debate here is sure lively I will just leave my comment short and sweet. I am not impressed and can’t wait until November. Need new candidates. The appointments are the least of our towns worries with new development coming.

  11. Someone got their feathers all in a wad. That’s OK because I’m always right. Terry you are appointed as long as you know that what I say is always right.

    • Don, Don, Don…… Bob Minion? That’s your best shot? Your panties are so twisted up, that it’s cutting off the blood flow to your brain and retarding your thought process. Or were you just born that way? You have such a well deserved inferiority complex it might just earn you a special padded place to call your own someday. ‘Till then enjoy your wretched existence lurking in the shadows, playing the patsy. It suits you well.

      What a rube.

      P.S. For the record, Bob’s smallest thought would burst every blood vessel in your oddly mis-shaped head. You should stick to trying to hide your frustrations somewhere else. Your latest course of action seems to be backfiring on you.

  12. Bobs smallest thoughts are probably in his pants with my bro’s hand. This Town is so FdUp we ego mania. Would pinhead work better. Probably not, that’s what I call my big bro.

  13. Burk/ECT,

    John/ECVsbrother apparently has self control issues. I doubt he will be able to stop himself. Your website is “littered” with his make believe rants and unprovoked attacks on individuals, institutions, public volunteers, elected and appointed persons federal to local right here in our east county community. He has traversed beyond commentary and crossed over into some delusional fixation.

    He has obviously reached a level of personal frustration to a point of not making sense and relying on some juvenile imaginary scenario. Its very strange behavior and evidently how he tries to make himself feel important.

    Good luck trying to reel him in.

  14. Town Council is good. They all pay their car registration and property taxes, and none have domestic violence history. Good group. No complaints.

    • What kind of person would have knowledge (or care) about the council member’s car registration, property taxes, etc? Oh that’s right, this is more about us kooks and less about effective leadership.

      Maybe we need to look a little deeper at Mark Simons history. I think there is a lot to uncover. I have nothing but time on my hands and love to poke my nose in others business!

  15. I was amazed to be left out of the mudfight and I was rather pleased…then… bam… pot shot!

    “I am that gadfly which God has attached to the state, and all day long …arousing and persuading and reproaching…You will not easily find another like me.”


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