Discovery Bay: Rocktoberfest in Jeopardy After Failing to Apply for County Permit


While we applaud the efforts of the Discovery Bay Lions Club in attempting to put on a solid event in Rocktoberfest this Saturday, however, it appears the event in Discovery Bay is in jeopardy after event organizers have not filed required paperwork with Contra Costa County as of Tuesday afternoon.

In a letter obtained by EastCountyToday, the County sent a letter today to the Lions Club warning them that their event requires a Temporary Event Permit from the Department of Conservation and Development, Community Development Division (DCD).

Regarding this specific event, the County has sent the Lions Club two prior letters. Once on July 24 and another on Sept. 25 warning them of the required application and permits. All three communications included the application and ordinance.

According to the Letter, they advised the Lions Club that the application for a temporary event permit must be submitted no less than forty-five days prior to the proposed event.

In speaking with Francisco Avila from the County, he confirmed that as of 4:30pm, there has been no paperwork submitted for this event or any permits granted. He further explained they need 45-days to ensure all agencies are aware and can ensure public safety of the event.  He also stated no deadlines extensions have been issued.

We are hearing this evening that a special meeting of the CSD in Discovery Bay may be called in order to allow the Discovery Bay Lions Club to bypass the County to allow the event to occur at another location on Town property–likely the Discovery Bay Community Center.

To put this in perspective, the Annual Knightsen Days Car & Tractor Show obtained all the required permits for their event which shut down Knightsen Ave. Meanwhile, the Chili Cook Off scheduled for Nov. 11 has been cancelled due to the 45-day window and country rules requiring competitors to cook on site.

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  1. Complaining about permits again Burk, get a life and let them have their event. So they didn’tfile paperwork,the county should let them submit it and be done with it.

    • Be sure to let us know whenever you are in charge of a gig that serves food.

      I want to avoid it and the inevitable food poisoning like the plague.

      There’s a reason for rules and regulations, Mr. the-world-revolves-around-you.

    • @bobby lott,

      And your logic dictates that you complain about those that report on east county?

      Permits to protect your health and safety really bother you?

      Take your own advice bobby, get a life.

  2. The story is that a national organization, the Lions and local “leaders”/ organizers do not feel compelled to follow the proper procedures to set up an event. These procedures may seem incidental but they have been set up for a reason- to insure safety.

    Beyond that if the Lions and the organizers don’t think it necessary to follow such simple procedures then it is likely they won’t follow such other procedures to insure safety. In the long run a permit seems like a silly issue but in the big picture it shows that those folks in charge of these types of events are willing to take risks, take shortcuts, and ignore processes they don’t feel like doing.

    They had plenty of time to fill out the paperwork and were given ample notice. Choosing (and now HAVING) to move the event is reflective of either being extremely disorganized or bound and determined not to work with the county. Either of those is not impressive to me what so ever and I will most likely not attend.

    • @ Emily,

      Well put. The local Lions are giving the organization a black eye. It’s difficult to comprehend that they cannot follow simple rules. Apparently it’s not the first time either.

  3. Nice observation Emily.
    I remember something about a ski event in an area that some DB small minded idiots demanded be a no ski zone. They tried to bypass the law and influence the Sheriff to look the other way to put an event on anyway. That didn’t work to well when the Sheriff showed up in force to keep the above the law snot nose idiots from putting the event on.

    Postpone the date and do it right or listen to the few DB idiots that think their farts don’t smell.
    The tiny group of snot nosed politicos trying to bypass the rules makes the entire town look like unprofessional.

    • Bob Davey,

      I think you are only seeing things through one good eye. As usual you are trying your best to confuse the casual reader. Isn’t that special? The ski event that you cited was a charity event for the Royal Family Kids Camp that was planned well ahead of the no ski zone implementation that you speak of. Is unfortunate that a former and egotistical sheriff let his selfish pride get in the way of that event. Fortunately for all in contra costa county he is no longer with us (cancer is the great equalizer and karma is a bitch). Things are much better now and the department and citizens are in a much better place. No one can dispute that.

      It’s unfortunate that you choose to label those that put on honest events with proper planning and permitting as “snot nosed idiots”. Especially when they are done in the name of charity for underprivileged and abused children. Do us all a favor and grow a ball.

      You are a real piece of work. Try again loser.

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