Discovery Bay CSD Calls Special Meeting to Discuss Hosting Rocktoberfest


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The Town of Discovery Bay has called for a Special Meeting of the Community Service District to discuss the idea of the Lions Club hosting its 2013 Rocktoberfest Event at the Town of Discovery Bay Community Center dated October 12, 2013.  The one page document does not include a staff report or any additional information about the event or reason behind the venue switch.

It appears the switch is occurring after Contra Costa County sent the Lions Club three letters regarding their permit.

Since the Community Center is considered public property and under the CSD, the Contra Costa Department of Conservation and Development, Community Development Division (DCD) would not be involved thus a 45-day application window would no longer apply. It would then be a much quicker permit process under the Town of Discovery Bay.

The meeting will be held Wednesday, October 9 at 6:00 pm.

CSD Agenda:


    • No spine? No balls?

      Don F= no spine

      Mark D= one ball

      Don F + Mark D= no brains, one ball, no spine.

      The sum equates to Dysfunctional’s in Discovery Bay

  1. Why wouldn’t the CSD want to help bring an event to the community and utilize the community center property?

    Working with the Lions Club seems like a natural fit. This is a no-brainer.

    And for those who depend on County permit processes to protect them from food poisoning, you better stay away from this event. The rest of us can enjoy a fun event while you sit home with a bottle of 409.

    • Seriously, Flint?

      You carpet bomb local and county agencies and officials with your document requests because you think they don’t play by the rules. You waste tens of thousands of dollars in staff time, but never find anything.

      But when it comes to your drinking buddies you give them a pass??

      What’s that make you again? Starts with an H………right on the tip of my tongue…..

      A Douchebag!

      Nooo, got the wrong letter.

      But not the wrong title!

      Now is the ethics compass broken over at the Discovery Bay Lions Club? What type of example is a national community service org setting by flipping off the county on permits?

      Not the first time this year, by the way. Pretty stark contrast between what LCI has on their website and the way this crew runs it out here:

    • You are right, what’s really funny is, the Environmental Health division of Health Services that does restaurant inspections have always been way understaffed, and regular inspections are always behind. Plus, the same people that complain buy strawberries from guys standing on street corners and Mexican ice cream treats from guys pushing carts! Do you think any of those people are inspected and certified? LOL

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