Diane Burgis to Run for County Supervisor, Endorsed by Supervisor Piepho


Today, Diane Burgis, a trustee on the East Bay Regional Parks District Board, announced her candidacy for Contra Costa County Supervisor, District III. The move comes after Monday’s decision by Supervisor Mary Piepho who has decided to retire at the end of her term after more than a decade of holding the seat.

“New opportunities sometimes come when you least expect them,” said Diane Burgis. “After discussion with my children, Supervisor Mary Piepho and supporters, I have decided to run for Supervisor.”

Today Piepho announced her support of Burgis.

burgis Piepho
Diane Burgis & Mary Piepho at the Sand Creek Basin cleanup day event

“I recruited Diane Burgis to succeed me on the Board of Supervisors because she is a leader in our community who possesses intelligence, integrity and compassion. As executive director of Friends of the Marsh Creek Watershed and a trustee on the East Bay Regional Parks District Board, Diane has an excellent understanding of Delta water issues and the regional experience needed to serve the constituents of this district. Diane is the most qualified person to succeed me on the Board of Supervisors.”

“I believe I will bring new approaches and a fresh perspective to issues before the Board of Supervisors,” said Burgis. “My priorities are to actively represent all parts of the District and provide fiscal accountability and transparency, ensure public safety, promote economic development and job creation for East County residents, and develop solutions to reduce traffic and improve infrastructure.”

Diane Burgis is currently a trustee on the East Bay Regional Parks District Board and is the Executive Director of Friends of the Marsh Creek Watershed. She currently serves on the Regional Planning Committee of the Association of Bay Area Governments. Prior to her election to the Parks District Board, Diane served on the Oakley City Council where she represented Contra Costa County on the Delta Protection Commission. Diane was named 2012 California State Assembly’s Woman of the Year for District 15 for her work with Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed and her other contributions to the community.

Diane spent over 10 years as a small business owner that provided mobile fleet services to businesses. She has been actively involved in raising money and awareness for Tuberous Sclerosis for over 16 years. She previously served as Chairperson for the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance of Northern California.

Diane and her three teen-aged sons live in Oakley.

Burgis joins Oakley City Councilman Doug Hardcastle and Odessa Lefrancois as the only three candidates to formally announce running for the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor, District III seat.


  1. Diane is the best, she really has done a lot for the community and has helped many kids get their student hours while volunteering for creek cleanups. Hope she wins. She will do great. She is always so nice to my family and I..

  2. I might have considered her, without the endorsement of Piepho. If they think alike I’m going in another direction.

  3. A lot of people seem to have mixed emotions about Mrs Burgis. So far I hear a lot of negative and have not made up my mind. A lot of time yet.

  4. Resign your position effective 11-16. Then you have my vote show you have this in mind with out a fall back

    • You are a fool if you think anyone running would resign their current seat. Like I said foolish. We want someone that has know how. Why would you want to penalize anyone to win your vote? Like I said, you are foolish and if that’s what you base your vote on then you are beyond foolish.

    • Does this apply to Doug Hardcastle as well? Why would any candidate give up their seat when running for an office? Sorry, I do not see the logic.

        • So you are not aware of the primary election that occurs in June before the general election which is in November? Nice try Bub but you are going to see most qualified candidates do hold existing offices and none of them will give them up. You wouldn’t and they won’t. It isn’t a condition of candidacy and has no bearing on the outcome. Also think anyone of the candidates would like to have the endorsement of the sitting supervisor who is quite possibly the most electable in the county. Remember, there is a good reason Mary Piepho continues to get elected.

          If I were running, I would love to have Piepho’s endorsement. Good luck Diane, you will make a fine Supervisor.

      • The logic is special elections cost us all money. All elected should honor and serve their term.

        • There IS no special election. Where do you guys dream up this crapola? Making it up as you go along I guess. Must be really difficult scraping the bottom like that.

  5. My first reaction to someone Mary recruits for an office is negative. There’s a history of Mary attempting to exert inappropriate control over people, boards, and events.

    However, Diane deserves to stand on her own merits and from what I have seen, heard, and read she would be a breath of fresh air on the County BOS.

    I would like to see if she can get the endorsement of Save Mt. Diablo. If they endorse her I will support her.

    I do think she should be very careful about appearing to be too close to Mary. Run on your resume and vision; pick up some key endorsements, and be your own person. Don’t run for !sry’s fourth term.

    • The endorsement of Save Mt. Diablo?? You’re kidding right? What a freaking joke. I would vote for anyone who DOESN’T get the nod from Save Mt. DIABOLICAL. They are most underhanded organization operating in contra costa today. They play politics while hiding under the guise of an environmental group.

      They are everything but an environmental group, they are playing you for a fool and it appears it works.

      Wake up. Save mt. Diablo stopped doing good work the day they hired Ron Brown and Seth Adams. Don’t be a fooled.

      • I wasn’t kidding Nicco. I think Save Mt. Diablo is great. I appreciate that you feel differently. Probably explains the difference in our opinion of Mary.

        Stay Classy my friend…..

        • @ Relax, I have to agree with Nicco on Save Mt. Diablo. If you don’t know they are a cover for a political lobby then I’d assume you also believe the Sierra club is focused on the Saving the Sierra. They are not.

          I’m thinking that’s a good barometer of the depth of your political knowledge. That better explains your differences on the Supervisor.

          Stay uneducated my friend… Oh and by the way, how’s that working for ya?


  6. Burgis seems to be quite the job-hopper…She’s just jumping from one elected position to the next. Why do I foresee a trail of special elections in her wake?

    Another, non-Piepho-endorsed candidate would be appreciated.

    • Anon too, guess you don’t understand elections, politics and appointments. Any candidate that goes to a higher office from a board can be replaced with an appointment.

      This simple fact makes your point mute.

      • Your abuse of the English language makes your point moot (look it up, that’s the real word)

        If you’re going to troll for Mary, you might as well learn the language.

        • Moot or mute, It applies either way. Look it up.

          I’m proud to support both Mary and Diane. I don’t troll for anyone. It’s pretty plain to see that you are the real troll here because your deflection is real transparent.

  7. Anyone that has had dealings with the county, attends meetings or watches the BOS knows Supervisor Mary Piepho is one of best county reps we have had in decades. There is good reason no one wanted to challenge Piepho. The same reason she has won all of her elections. She has chops and is consistently the voice of reason for the rest of the board.

    When Piepho leaves we are stuck with one of the worst board of supervisors EVER. Diane will have BIG shoes to fill but with her background I feel good that she will pick up where Mary leaves off. Especially when it comes to protecting the delta and east county.

    I’m soooooooo pleased that Diane is running AND has the support of Mary. That counts for a lot.

  8. Hello Anti-Piepho trolls, nice to see you all crawl out of your caves you been hibernating in. This will be a long year with all with you guys trolling websites and blogs. For goodness sakes, I bet there will be more candidates to announce. How can anyone dog one candidate over another right now because no candidate has even been vetted yet any debate on the issues that matter. You all need to focus on the issues and not the person. Do any of you even realize Piepho just picked a democrat to replace her? She is not supporting the republican in the race? Some of you commenting clearly have no idea what you are even talking about. You know what they say about opinions… like a-holes, everyone has one

  9. Now I know why I stay off these types of sites, people are focused on the wrong thing. Are people really worried over a word in a press release such as “recruit”. Get real people, being recruited is a good thing because it means you are talented and wanted. People change companies all the time because they are recruited by another company wanting to be better. You can’t blame Piepho for recruiting someone who she thinks can fulfill the duties of the job. It’s no different than AUSD finding a new superintendent right now, CONFIRE hiring its last chief and the list going on. All people are recruited. What about the folks who are asked by council members to run for an open city council seat and win? Winners hang out with winners. Losers talk crap on the internet. It’s way to early to say who you will or will not support. But can we please have some substance in these conversations instead of bickering

  10. Another Q&A , will Mary complete the reapportionment of tax inequity from Byron Bethany before leaving? @Phil, as long as the Pie and Man team are around condescending statements will remain and create bickering. It would be nice to have a new non career politician person obtain the seat.

  11. @ Citizen, great question, why wouldn’t you ask the Supervisor yourself?

    …Or is it just that obvious that you are off the Christmas list.

    p.s. Why would Supervisor Piepho be part of a candidate Q & A? Oh that’s right, you’re just doing one of your typical drive by efforts. Looks like ya got a little mud on your britches.
    What a tool.

  12. What’s wrong PieMan ( B-wood), the truth hurt ? This is why you and your side kick will screw up the chance for Burgis. You two are just plain jerks or believe the supervisor is just passing rhetoric on the tax to save herself from the legacy of screwing up east county so bad. Careful Diane you need to distance yourself from the Supervisor if you want any chance of winning the seat.

  13. Way to go Diane Burgis! I am glad Mary is supporting her. I am surprised as it seems their politics aren’t the same but maybe Mary wants another smart woman to take her seat. Way to go Mary Piepho!

  14. Agreed! Diane is the BEST candidate to announce so far!!

    I’m very Happy that Supervisor Mary Piepho is supporting her. Both of them are highly intelligent and have worked hard for all of East Contra Costa County. Thanks to both for their past, present and future service.

    Merry Christmas

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