Diane Burgis to Receive Women Improving the Environment Award from the Contra Costa Women’s Hall of Fame


CONCORD, CA – Diane Burgis, a trustee on the East Bay Regional Parks District Board and the Executive Director of Friends of the Marsh Creek Watershed will receive the Women Improving the Environment Award from the Contra Costa Women’s Hall of Fame on Thursday in Concord.

The Board of Supervisors established the Contra Costa Women’s Hall of Fame in October 1997 to acknowledge those exceptional, multifaceted women who have enhanced life in Contra Costa County through their careers and volunteer activities.

The honorees have made a difference through their efforts towards equity, innovation, service or achievement in commerce or community outreach.

“I am honored to receive this award on behalf of the many volunteers who contribute their time and talent to protecting, conserving and restoring the Marsh Creek Watershed,” said Burgis.

Burgis was nominated by Susan Morgan, a Director on the Ironhouse Sanitary District Board.

Diane-Burgis-Creekside-Park“Through Diane Burgis’ leadership as Executive Director of the Friends of the Marsh Creek Watershed, the protection of natural resources including creeks, water quality and open space has become a priority to our community and its leaders,” said Morgan.  “Much of Diane’s work has been funded part time and she was able to accomplish great things for our environment and the Watershed by working beyond her paid hours and by recruiting and encouraging support from volunteers in the community.”

Marsh Creek is one of the fastest urbanizing watersheds in California, and the creek flows for 30 miles through the rapidly growing communities of Brentwood, Oakley, and Antioch in eastern Contra Costa County and into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Editors note: Diane Burgis is a candidate running for Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor, District 3. This was a campaign press release.

For more on Diane Burgis, visit her website.


  1. Notice the connection? Piepho endorses this musical chair candidate. East county needs a stalwart not a puppet. Nice lady but needs to finish her brand new chair where she is at.

    • Unome, I’m sure everyone missed the “connection”. You have a obvious hard on for Diane Burgis. The problem and connection is all in your overly active imagination.

      The lady continues to get accolades as a measure of success. Stop trying to twist them into something they are not. You come across as, suspiciously incompetent with your remarks.

      Congratulations Ms. Burgis. Well deserved! -you will make an honorable county supervisor with your talents.

      • @ Johnny
        I’m merely stating an opinion. Your childish remark is revealing. The connection for your naive intelligence is the award comes from a BOS established group. Your remarks along with the alias Voter further makes her a lessor candidate because the public is tired of cronyism too. Like I commented, she is a very nice capable person whom I like. Just not for our Supervisor. Time to stop cronyism in politics. We need a hard worker for the people not a seat jumping cozy friend of an outgoing board member.

        • Ironic that neither of you are using real names and trying to compare who has the larger D–k. Grow up and use real names or don’t comment at all. As far as I am concerned, you both are two children and both candidates you support should be ignored with attitudes like this.

          I feel sorry that Diane Burgis and Monica Wilson both have two of you supporting them. You really make me want to support another candidate such as Steve Barr or Wade Harper.

          • Hey Jack, just a point; a anonymous names are permitted here. Quit getting caught up with the messenger and focus on the message.
            Personally I agree with Johnny and Voter and think Burgis is a great candidate for supervisor. It is not cryonisim when in fact she was nominated by a member of the iron house board (a board which another candidate came from).
            Unlike Voter and Johnny C remarks, I believe Unome’s comment was disingenuous. Who the heck cares who is posting them. It’s all about the content!

  2. Diane is hardly a puppet. She is simply an extremely talented executive and leader who has been recruited and asked to help out where we most need her help. And, she has the endorsements of her fellow Trustee members of the East Bay Regional Park District, to take on this new position.

  3. Voter; Harper has the support of some people also. Those that want him to get the heck out of Antioch are planning on voting him out…on to supervisor. Bad move to me.

    • Marty, that makes no sense. The masses don’t like Harper and won’t vote for him to go into any other seat. I have never seen a politician as detested as Harper. He is DONE and will be lucky to find a job washing dishes.

      Perhaps people should start asking questions about his former employment with the city of Tracy.

      If the reputation fits, Harper needs to call it quits.

      Wade Harper=one bad penny.

  4. If people want to use their real first and last names, fine. But I’m not going to do it. I’m not that foolish. In today’s society on a public blog, you’re better off anonymous. It’s common sense.

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