Contra Costa Union Leader Issues Statement on Proposal for Asylum Seeker Detention


The following statement was released by  Margaret Hanlon Gradie, Executive Director, of the Contra Costa AFL-CIO Labor Council. This was in response to a draft memo from Navy Secretary Richard Spencer describes the potential tent cities as “temporary and austere,” and details plans to build facilities in three states: Alabama, Arizona and California. According to the memo, Concord Naval Weapons Base would hold 47,000 people.

Working families oppose the proposal to jail asylum seekers anywhere in Concord, Contra Costa County, or America.

We have worked for a dozen years to create a new vision for the Concord Naval Weapons Station that brings benefits to our community — not prisons.  We believe this land – the public’s land, belonging to the people of Concord – should be used for schools, hospitals, affordable homes and good jobs, not the criminal abuse of human rights.

We stand with Rep. Mark DeSaulnier and other elected leaders in their call to reject cynical political posturing. Our federal government needs to restore DACA for our Dreamers and create a path to citizenship in a functional immigration system that supports workers rights, family reunification, and the needs of local and global economies.

Margaret Hanlon Gradie, Executive Director
Contra Costa AFL-CIO Labor Council


  1. You people are nuts!!! You vote for this stuff as long as it’s not in your back yard. Someone has to pay for this and live with it. As long as it’s not you, your all for it. Wake up! Use that liberal college education most of you have and realize someone has to pay for and live with all those bad decisions you have made. Homelessness, legal drugs, LGBT, illegal immigration. Until you can think things through to the end you will continue to make bad choices and destroy our country.

  2. Still trying to figure out where the “criminal abuse of human rights” comes into play by building a detention center. And wouldn’t the labor council’s members benefit from the jobs created by a detention center?

    Maybe we should award the work to our of county workers when they build it

  3. anyone else realize that East county Today is deleting comments that support what the president is doing? Please ECT, STOP taking our freedom of speech away by deleting our comments…

  4. I do not condone ANY form of censorship! The entire premise of the internet is to be able to say whatever you want, however you want ……. with no one trying to block you If you don’t agree, then talk to the people who pioneered this system! Freedom of expression … positive or negative, was their goal.

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