Contra Costa Public Works Deploys New Tactic to Battle Illegal Side Shows

Press Release

Photo by Contra Costa Public Works

Martinez, CA – Contra Costa County Public Works installed approximately 100 raised pavement markers at the intersection of Alhambra Valley Road and Bear Creek Road to combat illegal side shows.  This is a first of its kind project to combat illegal side shows in the Bay Area.

The raised pavement markers (or domes) are six inches in diameter and 1¾ in height. While the new pavement markers will not inhibit everyday drivers, they should make it a less attractive and uncomfortable location for side show participants.  Over time, Public Works will rely on local residents, CHP and the Sheriff’s Department to see if they are having their intended effect, and if they notice a decrease in illegal side show activities at that intersection.

Public Works also upgraded the shoulder lines, added new reflector markers and put up advanced warning signs of “Traffic Calming” ahead to warn motorists of the new raised pavement markers.

About Contra Costa County Public Works Department:

Contra Costa County Public Works Department (CCCPWD) maintains over 660 miles of roads, 150 miles of streams, channels and other drainage and over 200 County buildings throughout Contra Costa County. CCCPWD provides services such as Parks and Recreation, Sand Bag Distribution and Flood Control throughout unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County.  CCCPWD operates two airports, Buchanan Air Field in Concord and Byron Air Field in Byron.

For more information about CCCPWD, please visit us here.


  1. Why go through the expense of putting something on the roads. What about hiring a sniper or sharp-shooter?Word would get around fast! Problem solved!

    • You’re a square and don’t enjoy the beauty and freedom cars provide and are exposed at a side show.

    • I like the sniper idea! Last year, these SOB’s stopped traffic on the freeway as people were going about their business including a man who was driving his wife who was in labor! He called 911 for an ambulance which couldn’t even get to them.

  2. They look like Bots Dots to me and I don’t think they will have much of an effect. I’d like to see them put one way spikes on freeway off ramps to stop wrong way drivers, that might save some lives and carnage.

  3. I agree with Avenger! Those who are not picked off should be picked up and arrested after the police cordon off a large area ……… they will be easy to catch. Take away their cars.

    • Someone doing donuts deserves to be killed? Lola you are an evil POS. Do us all a favor and get your $1 margaritas at Applebees until you can’t function anymore.

      • Lenny, I have never set foot at an Applebee’s nor ever drank Margaritas …. we don’t go to restaurants in the east bay area. Don’t be so presumptuous!

        Since when are you plural? What’s this about “doing US” a favor? You are now spokesman for everyone on this website?

    • I agree wholeheartedly! Another way to eliminate this trash is to engage 4-5 18-wheelers to barrel down the roads where they are holding their side shows and wipe them out! Can you imagine how they’d try to take off? Ramming into each other!

      • I like that one, Sandy! It would take care of the problem! Have the 18-wheeler ram them at full speed! Word would get around fast!

  4. Will probably turn out to be a game for the hoodlums. They will see who can keep the rear wheels in between the markers while tearing up mommy’s car.

  5. What about people with “Street Legal” designer such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others, who are damaged by the huge street bumps? Sun Valley Mall has been successfully sued for lesser damage for this. From side shows I’ve seen on TV, I’d rather see a proper area and police for them to practice and compete safely for a paying crowd. Spectators kept safe paying admission, helping promoters to pay for police, and cleanup.

  6. Use DRONES to see where they congregate and then surround the area and trap them! Confiscate their vehicles and auction them off. Let the pukes walk back home! But I do like the sniper and 18-wheeler idea a lot.

  7. Stupid waste of money trying to be “trendy”. There’s a dangerous one lane washout on Bear Creek with poor on-coming car visibility where idiots in black pickups run the stop sign. $$ could have been allocated for red/green lights for safety as we know the County is way behind dealing with washouts on Happy Valley and Alhambra Valley.

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