Pedestrian Killed in Pittsburg Fatal Hit and Run


The Pittsburg Police Department is investigating a fatal hit and run crash that occurred early Wednesday morning near the intersection of West Leland Road and Bailey Road in the City of Pittsburg.

Police say the incident occurred around 1:24 am where officers responded to a pedestrian versus vehicle crash.  Officers were advised that Fire Fighters from Station 87 were returning to their station on West Leland Road, when they encountered the collision. When officers arrived, the pedestrian was located in the westbound lanes of West Leland Road and Fire Fighters were performing lifesaving efforts. These efforts were unsuccessful and the man succumbed to his injuries.

Captain Steve Albanese said the driver of the involved vehicle fled the scene and the make or model of the responsible vehicle is unknown at this time.  The Pittsburg Police Department Fatal Accident Response Team responded and took over the investigation.  It is believed the driver of the vehicle was traveling westbound on West Leland Road at the time of the collision.

The identification of the pedestrian is being withheld pending notification to the family.

West Leland Road from Chestnut Drive and Bailey Road is expected to be closed until approximately 10:00 A.M. this morning.

This investigation remains active and officers are examining the city’s video surveillance system that may have captured the incident.   The Pittsburg Police Department asks anyone with additional information to please contact the Pittsburg Police Department Tip-Line at 925-252-4040.


    • [email protected] how the heck would you hear its Pittsburg PD, covering it up??? R u just full of BS and spitten flames to cause explosions or are you causing obstruction of justice by hiding evidence because you have facts of the truth. Meaning spit out the truth and back it up with actual facts for evidence so the family can get justice or shut the hell up if you have nothing constructive to say.

  1. It seems that if the firefighters “encountered” the collision, then they must have seen the vehicle and/or the driver. It is because of such incidents that we must have cameras EVERYWHERE …….. especially in an area like the W. Leland/Bailey Road. Maybe there is some footage of the crash available from security cameras in that strip mall.

  2. HitNRuns are the worst, and most cowardly thing a man/woman could do. Let’s hope we find the driver and get justice for “leaving the crime scene”. Understanding that this may very well be a true accident, or possibly a very young driver who is super scared teen/adult; with/without a license, or a DUI, regardless of how the situation is, the persecutor left the accident, and that in itself is a crime. I pray for my family during this hard time as it was my brother in-law who was the victim. All we ask is for the driver to come forward and take responsibility of your accident and face our family and see the pain you have caused because of your reckless, careless and irresponsible driving. The truth will reveal itself eventually, whether it be by police cameras, street cameras, full investigations, leads etc. The truth will come out, so they might as well save themselves and everyone else the trouble and show your face. Face reality, face what you have done and the pain you have caused my family! During this time our family asks for silence from any negativity or questions until all investigations are complete and finalized. We are asking for prayers through this hard time and our suffering from a lost loved one.

    Thank you

  3. PPD should have anticipated the traffic nightmare for BART commuters and had at least turned cars back at Railroad so they were not wasting two miles of driving for nothing. Some real genius at work there.

  4. PPD should have done a better job with traffic control and redirected BART commuters at Railroad before they wasted two miles of driving just to get turned around, everybody was late to work this morning because PPD didn’t give it a seconds thought about the nightmare that was created by closing Leland where they did, some real genius at work there, or lack of.

  5. Simonpure… I don’t think that is what the people who are talking about traffic are saying. I don’t believe they are that heartless…. Here is the issue. Some poor soul lost their life at 1:30 something Am.. Pittsburg PD knowing that a coroner can sometimes take hours to arrive. Also knowing that an investigation most likely can’t take place until daylight. Also knowing that it was a weekday and that commuter traffic usually drives through that area they compounded the issue and made it harder by not turning people back farther down the road. Most likely causing people to be angry and reckless and possibly almost causing another issue. Which could have been handled by making people turn around at railroad.

  6. That was the second time it happened on W Leland Road and this time was the worst incident, fatality involved. No actions were done by PPD to avoid the worst traffic ever.

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