Contra Costa Library’s Annual Book Giveaway Includes Thousands of Books

Press Release

Photo provided by Contra Costa Library

The Contra Costa County Library is hosting its annual book giveaway from July 16 – 20.

Tens of thousands of paperback and hardcover fiction, non-fiction and children’s books from the 26 Contra Costa County community libraries are available to the public during the 5-day giveaway.

The book giveaway is located in the shipping and receiving area behind the Pleasant Hill Library and runs Tuesday, July 16 through Saturday, July 20 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All books available at the giveaway have been removed from the library collection due to lack of circulation, poor condition or relevance. The process for removal is done in accordance with the Contra Costa County Library Collection Development Plan. The full plan is available at

“Removing materials is standard practice for libraries and helps patrons to easily locate books and discover new items,” says County Librarian Melinda Cervantes. “Collection maintenance helps staff to identify gaps and create space on our shelves for new materials.”

A September 1998 resolution, signed by the County Board of Supervisors, allows the library system to declare outdated and damaged library materials as surplus and give them away as appropriate.

Books are available on a first-come, first-served basis and members of the public are advised to bring their own boxes or bags to transport materials.

WHAT:           Contra Costa County Library Annual Book Giveaway
WHEN:           Tuesday, July 16 – Saturday, July 20
9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
WHERE:          Pleasant Hill Library, Shipping and Receiving Area
75 Santa Barbara Road
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


Note – Originally posted on June 26, 2019


  1. This is great news for book lovers. Books have always been sacred since the beginning of language. I hope all the books are reused. If not, they should be shipped to another state or English speaking country.

  2. We went to this event today (Saturday, the last day). I was amazed and overwhelmed with the amount of books, endless amount of boxes and boxes. We feel fortunate that we left with four bags of books while others were leaving with boxes and wagons full. But I don’t understand why this event took place during four weekdays, and only one weekend day. Even with five days, it appeared this made only a slight dent in the inventory.

    This type of event needed more advertising and word of mouth. It should have been held over a few weekends to give time for word to get out. We posted pictures on social media and had numerous people ask us where this was being held and stated they wanted to go. But unfortunately today was the last day.

    We were told the remaining books would be resorted, some being donated, but most would end up in recycling. What a shame that more time wasn’t given for more people to attend such a wonderful opportunity.

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