Contra Costa Fire Makes Arrest in Series of Clayton Area Arson Fires

Press Release


CONCORD, CA – Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (Con Fire) today announced the arrest of a suspect in a series of four suspicious fires along a walking trail in the City of Clayton last month.

The fires in question took place in September in the same general area of a walking trail that ran through dry grass, trees, bushes, and very near homes in Clayton. Each fire had the potential for devastating results as they occurred at the height wildfire season in an area with abundant fuels dried and ready to feed potentially destructive and deadly fires.

The arrested suspect is Isaiah Javier Ortiz, 21, a Clayton resident. Earlier this week, the District Attorney’s Office filed four felonies against Ortiz related to these incidents.

“These crimes put our community at considerable risk at the height of the fire season. The resulting arrest comes as a result of the collective work of our Fire Investigation Unit, Clayton Police Department, and the office of the Contra Costa County District Attorney,” said Lewis T. Broschard III, Fire Chief, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District. “In this District, we take fire investigation very seriously and I am particularly proud of the collaborative effort that has led to this arrest.”

In September 2019, Con Fire responded to four separate vegetation fires in the city of Clayton.  Through thorough investigation, conducted by the District’s Fire Investigations Unit, part of the Fire Prevention Bureau, it was determined early in the series that the fires were likely being intentionally set.  Working with the Clayton Police Department, Con Fire investigators were able to develop leads and locate witnesses, ultimately resulting in the arrest of the suspect.

The suspect is currently incarcerated in the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Martinez Detention Center pending action on the case by the District Attorney.


About Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

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  1. I hope they are rounding up the rest of these firestarters. Sure all off the fires by Willow Pass and Martinez didn’t start on their own either.

    Penalties should be severe for this.


    • These firestarters (arsonists) should be tied to a stake and set on fire! That’s the proper punishment.

  2. Ahhhh! Another firebug to deal with! Roast the MFer on-a-spit! He likes fires? Let him have the FULL experience!

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