Contra Costa Elections Makes it Easier to Request Official Ballot at Home


The Contra Costa Elections Division recently launched a texting app where registered voters can request to receive their Official Ballot in the mail.

The user just texts COCOBALLOT to 28683 (2Vote). They receive a reply with a link to an easy form. The voter then just needs to fill out their Name, Date of Birth and Mailing Address. This new sign-up method is meant to be much simpler than having to re-register to make the switch, while capitalizing on the fact that many use their smartphones for communication and business transactions.

This effort to make lives easier for voters is part of Contra Costa Elections’ efforts to encourage our polling place voters to consider taking action and requesting to receive their ballot by mail before the 2020 election.

There are many perks to getting a ballot at home. It’s easy. It’s convenient. It’s now free and it saves the voter time. Choosing to get the ballot by mail will help voters better fit casting their ballot into their busy schedule. They get to decide when and where they want to vote, rather than having to make the time to head to their neighborhood polling place on Election Day – many after a long day of commuting. Voters can return their ballot postage free by mail (as a new state law no longer require voters to pay postage to return their ballot envelop) or drop it at a City Hall before the election or at a polling place on Election Day.


In addition to the new texting option, there are other easy ways to request a ballot by mail. Voters can also email the Elections Division at [email protected] or call us at 925-335-7800.