Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office Issues Statement Regarding Public Corruption Unit Investigation

Press Release


Martinez, Calif. – Recently, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office became aware of a website allegedly run by “Citizens for a Fair East Bay” with false and misleading information regarding town officials in the Town of Moraga and our Office’s involvement with these officials.

Moreover, this anonymous website proclaims a complaint was filed regarding the Town Manager of Moraga. This statement is misleading – our Office has not filed any criminal or civil actions against the Town Manager. Further, the use of our Office logo and website was not authorized by our Office in this manner.

In September, our Office’s public corruption unit received a confidential request to investigative a potential crime. A thorough investigation was conducted, and no further enforcement action was deemed warranted. The matter was closed – no action is being taken by our Office regarding the Town Manager of Moraga.



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