Contra Costa County Sees 3% Increase in Homelessness


On Monday, Contra Costa Health Services released its 2019 Point in Time Data showing a 3% increase in homelessness compared to 2018.

The Point in Time count is a one-day census of persons experiencing homelessness and living in shelters and uninhabitable locations in Contra Costa County.

The data shows 2,295 individuals experienced homelessness on January 29, up 61 persons from the 2018 count.  However, over a two-year period, Contra Costa County saw a 43% increase which is similar to Alameda County while Santa Clara County was up 31%.

The data showed that 668 persons had shelter, while 1,627 persons went without shelters, including 3% being families and 97% single adults.

The county said that they can only meet the needs of 63% of families with just 201 total bed available, while they can only meet the needs of 28% of single adults as they have just 558 total beds.

Of the 2,295 individuals who were homeless, here is the age breakdown:

  • 55+ = 562
  • 18-54 = 1,413
  • 18-24 = 129
  • <18 = 191

They also saw a 1-year increase in veteran homelessness by 14% with 114 veterans who were homeless.

The data released Monday did not provide the number of homeless in each city, but rather unsheltered individuals by region:

  • West County – 32%
  • Central County – 38%
  • East County – 30%

When compared to the 2018 data, East County had 45% of the homeless that were unsheltered.

Meanwhile, 59.9% of homeless slept in an encampment/park or sidewalk, 30% in a vehicle/camper, 6.6% in an abandoned building/attic/garage, and 3% in a warming center.

According to Lavonna Martin, Director for Health Housing and Homeless Services, more detailed data from the 2019 count, including information about subpopulations, trends and city-specific totals, will be available in our 2018 Annual Report on Homelessness, which they plan to release in late June.

According to the 2018 data, the City of Antioch had the most homeless in the County with 350 followed by Richmond (270) and Concord (252).

Below is a video from back in January when they held the Point in Time Count where there was a discussion between Victoria, a 33-year-old homeless woman, also a Deer Valley High School graduate, where she shared her story with Senator Glazer and Supervisor Burgis where she stated police and the city abated homeless in the area of Oakley Road and Viera on Tuesday–ahead of the count.

On May 10, California Governor Gavin Newsom released his revised state budget proposal which included $1 billion to fight homeless citing the health care system does not adequately serve individuals with mental illness.

The budget includes:

  • $650 million to local governments for homelessness emergency aid.
  • $120 million for expanded Whole Person Care services.
  • $150 million for strategies to address the shortage of mental health professionals in the public mental health system.
  • $25 million for Supplemental Security Income advocacy.
  • $40 million for student rapid rehousing and basic needs initiatives for students in the University of California and California State University systems.
  • $20 million in legal assistance for eviction prevention.
  • Over $400 million to increase grants to families in the CalWORKs program.


  1. ECT, why don’t you report how the City of Antioch a week before this count moved a bunch of the homeless out and put them on BART to other communities. J

  2. Did Antioch do that ?
    So much for sanctuary homeless.

    I heard of cities doing that type of dumping on other cities.

  3. Considering that many of those people got here via GREYHOUND bus with a one-way ticket from other states, maybe those states can be talked into taking back their residents and doing the right thing for them. Why must Californians always be hit up for tax dollars to pay for these people? Our pockets are getting empty.

  4. I have relatives and friends in many states (TX, AZ, NM, LA, WA, OR) and they told me their homeless are now California’s problem. They admitted either being involved or greatly approving of what they call “BUS THERAPY” consisting of purchasing a ticket for homeless people and the mentally ill and send them out of their states and cities. Nice, isn’t it! This just fries me!

      • Kingsqueen , you did not read “do’s” comment correctly . He is calling Gavin Newsom a criminal . Homeless was not called a criminal. All the homeless should vote for Trump and never vote for a democrat. Democrats are the one who raised your taxes and also make it impossible to get out of poverty .I am sorry you are homeless and I have been there too but never for a lying left side politician .

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