Concord: Officials Seek Help in Newhall Park Suspicious Fires

Press Release


The Concord Police Department, along with the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District (Con Fire), are investigating a series of fires at Newhall Park. Since September, nearly one dozen suspicious fires have been reported around the western edge of the park. At this time, investigators believe these fires were intentionally set.

The fires have been set at various times of the day with the majority being in the late night and early morning. The affected areas are the grassy fields to the south of Bel Air Drive and Melody Drive, which are directly adjacent to residential neighborhoods.

Police said they want to assure the community that they are searching for the suspect or suspects responsible and are looking into all possible leads. They are asking the community be vigilant and alert. If you see anything suspicious or a fire, call 9-1-1.

Con Fire is leading the investigation, with CPD assisting in their efforts.

Con Fire and CPD Investigators request anyone with information regarding these incidents to contact the Fire Protection District “tip line” at (866) 50-ARSON, the Concord Police Department Investigations Division at (925)-603-5834, or the Concord Police Department confidential “tip line” at (925)-603-5836.


  1. Put up some lighting in that part of the park. Have people take turns watching who goes into that park late at night or early morning. Arrange for groups of people to do a walk through.

  2. They are being set by the homeless that have built into the side of the steep hill just south of the creek on the western side of the park. They have tents and flat pads they dug into the hill, and associated massive amounts of trash and stolen materials/bikes/strollers/mail.

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