Brentwood Voters Reject Measure L in Early Returns


On Tuesday, Contra Costa County Elections released its first round of election results on Brentwood Measure L which showed 70.27% of Brentwood voters rejected the measure with 29.58% supporting it.

The results showed 10,151 votes counted (28.59%) out of a total of 35,552 voters as of 8:00 pm.

If approved, Measure L would annex 815 acres and with 555 acres for 2,400 homes which 80% is for senior housing, 225 acres would be permanently designated open space and could include agriculture and associated facilities. The project would have also provided 1,500 acres of space along with a land swap with Save Mount Diablo. It also would have provided the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District $11 million while improving infrastructure on both Balfour Road and American Avenue.

If Measure L fails, Matt Beinke of Blackhawk Nunn has already stated he plans to immediately take a similar project to the city of Antioch and place it on the 2020 ballot.


  1. Try all the spin you want ECT. Until they fix our current deficit of problems if it goes to voters they will be told no more building until they ( Politicians) address our current problems.

    Building is out of control already. Fix our ( East County) problems before adding more.
    Common sense that is not common anymore. Follow the money. ECT IS PART OF THE PROBLEM🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤢.

    • I see no spin in this. ECT shared what would happen if it passed and if it failed. You have been a constant problem across east county for years Mr. Rob Broocker. Your lies on the fire department have made your irrelevant and just state you want something for nothing and move along. Also, don’t you live in Discovery Bay? Funny you chime in on Brentwood.

      • Easy there Disco, making this a little too personal. Brooker is entitled to his opinion and any development in Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley etc. impacts all of us. As a Brentwood resident I welcome his input (I suppose about 70% of us do) and after all, you’re commenting and judging by your name aren’t you also a Disco guy? ECT seemed to be overtly pro L and pro developer during this campaign, as is the publication’s right to be but obviously that was going to rub some people the wrong way….seems about 70% of the people. This was the will of the people vs the monied Developers, land owners, local media, and city council types…..all of whom seem to know each other get donations to and from each other, throw fundraisers for each other… other words, a big club that us regular people aren’t in, but we stood our ground.

        I will say this, ECT gets my respect for not censoring these posts. Other forums have blocked and deleted people during the campaign which I think increased distrust and was a significant tactical error. Integrity move by ECT not to follow in those steps, even if I wasn’t happy with their coverage of this issue.

  2. Thank goodness the voters of Brentwood had the good sense to reject this mess. The fact that these self-proclaimed wonderful partners for Brentwood would immediately turn and run to Antioch, a city in which they have repeatedly said will ruin Brentwood, tells you who they really care about. Their scare tactics and big dollars in support of Measure L got the results they deserve.

    I am glad to see what is hopefully a final rejection of GBN, urban sprawl, more traffic, and the like. We do not need more housing.

  3. I’m soo happy L did not pass! Need more jobs and less overcrowding. Let’s try putting our attention towards Vasco Rd?

  4. Boy, still campaigning for the measure even till the end. I hope the results hold and Brentwood voters see through all the corporate propaganda trying to get them to vote against their own interests. Next we’ll stand with our Antioch brothers and sisters and help defeat that measure if it comes.

  5. Nunn and co. Are no good and just greedy. They are only interested in making more millions and have no regard for the impact of growth. Nunn has been raping east county for years!!! Hopefully this is a kick in the groin to him and all his greedy partners.

    • My guess is Nunn probably built the infrastructure that allowed the house you currently live in to be built as I’m sure you moved here from somewhere else
      Feel free to move back I’ll help you pack
      I live in Trilogy a wonderful community that they put together
      What development are you in?

      • You would be wrong . Been here over 30 years. Watched east county get raped by over development by Nunn and those like him.

  6. Based on the Oct financial disclosures:

    YES campaign spent over 1 million
    NO campaign spent roughly 18k

    Feel free to credit the grass roots effort.

    But the reality is GBN should realize there is significant flaw with their plan that absolutely did not resonate with the voters.

  7. Nunn is a good man and loyal member of the community. However, people are fed up with no good jobs, high gas prices, and lack of roadway capacity. You can’t blame the citizens only their politicians for quality of life deterioration. Think about that the next time you see a familiar name on the ballot. Promises with no delivery. Sad times in our country when a lot of ( not all) politicians waste billions of dollars and do nothing productive for it. How do they live with that shame?

  8. Im an Antioch resident and the hell with Measure L. If a similar measure is put on our ballot, I will vote against it. Blackhawk Nunn take your project to the county.

  9. Rob Broocker thanks for being our voice to those who COULDN’T vote on what directly affected lives of those just outside of Brentwood we all appreciate it and ask that you please continue to do what is right (and safe) for all versus what makes money to a handful

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