CHP: 2016 Highway 4 Shooting Suspects Get 13-Years in Prison


The California Highway Patrol announced Tuesday that three suspects from Highway 4 shootings in 2016 were found guilty in a Contra Costa County Courtroom.

CHP says two suspects received 13 years and the third received 12 years & 8 months in state prison. These were the results after a long and thorough investigation process and additionally long and thorough judicial process til final adjudication.

This specific case occurred on 2/1/2016 and involved the three suspects traveling in a Nissan sedan on westbound HWY-4 when they shot their firearm out of their moving vehicle at the victim’s vehicle, which was all witnessed by an off-duty police officer.

Then the suspects vehicle drove at a high rate of speed off the freeway to the Port Chicago Hwy off-ramp and subsequently was involved in a major collision within the intersection and caused injuries to all parties involved.

All three suspects were charged & convicted of the following:

  • 246 PC – Shooting at an occupied vehicle.
  • 186.22(a) PC – Participation in Criminal Street Gang
  • 29800 PC – Possession of Firearm by a Felon. (Oscar Torres)
  • 11359 H&S – Possession for Sale of Marijuana


  • Zachery Paul Lopez (24yrs old from Concord) was sentenced to 12yrs & 8 months in State Prison.
  • Oscar Osbaldo Torres (25yrs old from Pittsburg) was sentenced to 13 yrs in State Prison.
  • Antonio Ramirez Navarro (22yrs old from Antioch) was also sentenced to 13 yrs in State Prison.

All information provided by CHP


    • We need more and better security cameras on streets and especially on our freeways. They should be placed in such a position where they could capture better images. I’d also like drones to be deployed 24/7 over those roads.

  1. A woman was killed while driving on I- 4 last week and another person was wounded by someone on I-580 on Sunday afternoon. Someone is out there shooting motorists at random. I’ve seldom seen any CHP around the areas mentioned. Whatever happened to the cameras which were supposed be lining up the freeways?

    • According to authorities, the shooting on 4 near Willow Pass was a gang related dispute, and the 580 shooting was road rage. The 580 victim survived, so she knows the circumstances. Nobody is shooting at random.

      Freeway shootings are gang related or road rage. Unless there is a confirmed sniper in town (DC sniper) who shoots multiple victims in the same area.

      • Wrong! Most of those shootings were random shootings! Sorry to surprise you! Nonetheless, even if the shooter had a beef with the motorist, he still put a lot of people in danger and shooters like that should be permanently removed from our society.

    • Its sad that people read their names that have a Latino background and automatically think build a wall. They are citizens and have rights. Our legal system is so corrupt, the coco county DA was laundering money but no one is investigating that, or what about Trumps Good Friend Jeffrey Epstein, look him up, it may open your eyes. I hope these boys keep a positive mindset. People(white, privilege) rather support Trump That has been attending these SEX parties that Epstein had children providing certain favors since the 1990s(documentation),but hevan forbid an immigrant from Mexico and South America Come and excel at a job white people never consider because they are better than that. you white racist people have no problem with immigrants from China, Indonesia, and India coming to take the tech jobs in the Bay Area.

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          • We are not all OLD WHITE people! Where did you come up with that one? I was born in 1990 and I totally agree with Lola and Global Man and I seriously doubt that they are OLD!

          • I’m at the age where I don’t have a husband or children yet and, therefore, no grandchildren! But if I did and they committed such crimes, I would be the FIRST one to turn them in — church choir boy included.

            You might be happier in Mexico! A great country with some awesome resources and a good new president, AMLO!

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    • President Trump will be in southern California on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to examine the prototypes on display at the CA/MEX border. Most are the kind which cannot be scaled by the invaders nor can they dig underneath it.

  2. I like immigrants from DENMARK, SWEDEN, NORWAY, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY and the UK. They don’t go around shooting people… and their food is fantastic! Actually, my husband and I have sponsored over 50 people from those countries and will sponsor more.

    • Since everyone is judging, ima make the assumption , you are white-and only associate yourself with other white people, since you want to only sponsor people from predominately Northern regions of Europe. Try sponsoring someone from Vietnam, Malaysia, or Africa. If you stay in your box , you will only grow as big as your box!

      • I too have sponsored a lot of people from northern Europe. Lots from Ireland and Wales as well as Austria and European RUSSIA. The Russians are Evangelicals with at least 12 children! All blond and blue-eyed! I also sponsored highly educated people with advanced degrees from the top European universities. I don’t sponsor anyone from Vietnam or Indonesia or Africa, unless they are farmers from South Africa who have been threatened with death. All have GREEN CARDS and are working. None of them would dream of going on welfare!

      • I have also sponsored people from Europe, mostly from The Netherlands and Norway. They are sick and tired of the immigration policies their socialist governments have in place and their tax structure. Same goes for the Brits! I like staying in MY box and I’m growing there nicely, thank you!

      • Why should anyone sponsor people from Vietnam, Malaysia and Africa? That was not the intention of our Founding Fathers. Read some of their correspondence. It’s easily accessible.

        • Elizabeth, I do sponsor white farmers from South Africa whose lives have been threatened and farmlands confiscated. South Africa used to produce so much food that it fed a good portion of Europe and Asia. The Dutch (Afrikaans) farmers were there for centuries producing an incredibly large yield of produce and dairy products.

  3. Why only 12 and 13 years for putting people’s lives in mortal danger? What happened to 30 and 40 year sentences or life sentences with NO PAROLE! As far as sending a message to “CONCERN” above, he or she should know that I am not OLD, at least not yet!

    • Yes, Tammy! I don’t think a 13 and 14 year sentence is enough! We simply must have cameras all over our highways and freeways placed in such an area where the vehicle and it’s inhabitants can clearly be seen. We also need far more CHP and police patrols, especially in areas where these shootings have occurred.

  4. This entire comment chain just turned into racist rants from both sides.

    Everybody involved should be ashamed of themselves.

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